Three ways to maturely kiss a Lady

Three ways to maturely kiss a Lady

There are ways you kiss a lady, she will look at you and give you that super respect face.

Kissing someone you like indicates your admiration for them. Learning to keep your lips soft as you kiss. Relax your facial muscles and don’t push your lips out as you make contact with her lips are the key rudiments to delivering a good kiss.


Now how to kiss that lady;

  • Kiss both lips. She comes with double decker for a reason.


  • Never rush a kiss, take your time to savour the taste of her lips. Kiss the neck down to her nipple to her belly button. Nibble on the ear lobes. Tongue down the nape of her neck down her back line. Again never rush a kiss, savour it. Take the tongue in your mouth and live in the moment. For the lower lips, run your tongue around the vulva sensuously till the lips begs for attention. Take your time to run your tongue across the vagina split till the petals wave and Michael Phelps your way in with a butterfly stroke to tongue fuck. With the aid of your index and middle finger, using tonguethagoras theorem on the clit, help her to find X.


  • Kiss endlessly. Kiss when chilling, kiss in the shower, kiss when cooking, kiss before either of you leaves the house, kiss when you return, kiss a lot during foreplay, kiss when you’re inside her. Kisses, hugs and cuddles are some of life’s greatest gift.


Remember not to get slapped. Kisses, hugs and cuddles are some of life’s greatest gift. Enjoy it well.

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