Kobusingye Mackline Is Providing Quality Maternal Health Care Services to Rural Uganda

Kobusingye Mackline Is Providing Quality Maternal Health Care Services to Rural Uganda

This is basically about Kobusingye Mackline Providing Quality Maternal Health Care Services to Rural Uganda.


According to a report by Gateway Research, the maternal mortality ratio sits at 343 per every 100,000 live births. This accounts for 18 percent of all deaths among women aged between 15 and 49, especially in rural areas of Uganda. Most women do not have access to antenatal care, a skilled medical attendant at birth, and postnatal care. This is due to long distances to healthcare facilities, poverty, and that 56 percent of mothers in rural areas of Uganda don’t have a skilled medical attendant at birth when compared to 12 percent of mothers in the urban areas.

Because of this, Kobusingye Mackline founded Mother Support Foundation.

With Mother Support Foundation, Kobusingye is providing accessible, timely, and quality maternal healthcare services to pregnant women in the rural communities of Uganda using mobile clinics. These healthcare services include antenatal, delivery, and postnatal care. With its moving clinic, pregnant women can easily and conveniently access quality maternal care at a cost lower than that of traditional healthcare delivery modes.


When asked who will benefit from her solution, she said, “Pregnant women aged between 15 and 49; living in the hardest-to-each rural areas of Uganda.” Kobusingye’s vision is an Uganda with equal access to maternal healthcare services for all pregnant women, irrespective of their social economic background.


Recently, Kobusingye emerged as one of the three winners of the 2023 Savvy Prize for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs. When asked how the Savvy Prize will help her project become successful, she said, “The Prize will support [my] organization to reach 3,000 women with our services within the next 12 months.”


She believes that her team is the best fit to solve this problem in Uganda. In her own words, “My team is composed of three women that are passionate, and determined to bring change.” Since her team consists of a professional nurse and medical personnel, we believe she has a very good chance of solving this urgent problem for the people of Uganda.

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