Legge Miami threatens Iyabo Ojo for supporting Obi over Tinubu

For supporting Obi over Tinubu; Legge Miami threatens Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood star actress Iyabo Ojo has called out one of her colleagues, Legge Miami over an alleged threat to life for openly supporting and backing the presidential aspiration of Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi.


Ojo, who had endorsed Obi has been canvassing support for him through her social media. However, one of Iyabo’s colleagues known as Legge Miami, urged her to stop supporting Obi openly.


“Aunty Iyabo, stop it! I know what I am saying, continue enjoying yourself. You are a strong voice in the society and whatever you say would be accepted by the people. Don’t you know your power? I would advise you to be careful, that’s why I advise because it looks like hatred from your side. I don’t want anything to happen to you,” Legge Miami said to Iyabo Ojo in a voicenote shared on Iyabo’s Instagram page.

For supporting Obi over Tinubu; Legge Miami threatens Iyabo Ojo

In her response, Ojo chastised Legge Miami saying, “You are not in the position to tell me what to do, all my posts are curated from different blogs and other actor’s pages. I only posted what concerns my party, the people and not other parties. I am not INEC so I am just giving my people updates. When they were campaigning I wasn’t part of it, neither did I insult people for their choices because it’s not my business. I am only focused on what matters to me. Now you are sounding like there’s a threat to my life and you have implicated yourself already with this voice note. We only die once anyways.”

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