Living in Nigeria VS Living in Canada

Nigeria: You can have many Househelps
Canada: You Can’t, too expensive. You’d do everything yourself

N: You can have your mechanic come to your house and pick/fix your car
C: You gotta book for the mechanic 1/2 weeks ahead and take/tow your car to their store.

N: You can buy land and build your own house
C: You CAN’T except you are Elon Musk. You will have to mortgage a property and pay till you are 65-70 years old

C: You Pay Property Insurance
N: Wetin be this 👆👆👆


N: Average car Insurance is 70k naira Per year
C: You pay at least $150 pm depending on Area

N: You have a good circle of friends and buddies around you
C: You are isolated, your closest buddy might be 10 hours drive away.

C: Beaches, Parks and waterside entries are free
N: Eruku must collect money before you enter Elegushi or Alpha beach

N: Tech is still in its Infancy, so you have buffet to feast on if you know what you are doing
C: Tech is advanced and you are in constant battle with Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese and others


N: 12 months for enjoyment and to have fun
C: You only have 3 month to really enjoy and that’s if you can afford it

N: As a single woman bad as e bad, you’d still have one or two guys on your case and ready to serve😘
C: You’d rely 99% on machinery 🤐🤐🤐

N: An average Nigeria has at least 12 free social events to attend a year (weddings, birthdays, house openings, anniversary, naming ceremony, child dedication, memorials, freedom)
C: If you see 3, you’ve had a blast you be odogwu

N: Earn around $20k a year, you are rich. You can buy the entire FourPoints By Sharaton in V.I 😂😂🤣
C: Earn $60k a year, You still are struggling

N: Plenty free monies from uncles, friends, fathers, politicians
C: You could get a couple rebates from the govt. but it comes with clauses. No other free money from anywhere


N: You can dodge and avoid tax confidently and easily
C: Dem no born you well

N: Max 2 weeks to see a doctor for a procedure
C: Could take up to 6 months and more

C: You could get sued if it snowed and someone falls on your walk way and gets injured
N: Anybody can like to fall inside gutter, na him and him papa business

C: Straight forward, orderly, no razz ness, no back door
N: All of us dey craze

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