M.I: ‘How I met my wife’

Renowned rapper, Jude Abaga, popularly known as M.I., has shared the story of how he found love with his wife, Eniola Mafe, following a painful heartbreak from his previous relationship. The ‘African Rapper Number 1’ artist recounted the journey to love in the latest episode of the Tea With Tay podcast, highlighting the role of a trusted friend in matchmaking.


According to M.I., after experiencing a difficult breakup with his estranged girlfriend, he attempted to rekindle the relationship but faced disappointment. Determined to move forward, he explored dating apps but couldn’t find his ideal match. It was at this point that Chocolate City co-founder Audu Maikori stepped in to recommend Eniola Mafe as a potential life partner.


Reflecting on this pivotal moment, M.I. shared, “When I was ready to marry and I wanted to meet someone, I was like, ‘As a celebrity, how do you meet someone? How do you date?’ I even tried dating apps, but I didn’t find my ideal woman there.” Acknowledging the challenges of navigating relationships in the public eye, he sought advice from Audu Maikori, a trusted confidant.

Audu Maikori’s recommendation led M.I. to Eniola Mafe, prompting the rapper to check her profile on Instagram. Expressing his initial surprise, M.I. said, “I pulled up her DP and she had an Afro. I went on her page, I was like, ‘Are you guys telling me that this woman is not married? Is it that she’s divorced?’” This curiosity fueled M.I.’s decision to reach out to Eniola.

M.I: ‘How I met my wife’

Describing the early stages of their connection, M.I. highlighted the natural flow of their conversations. “When I met Eniola, I realised that I just met someone whose story I wanted to continue to be part of. And that’s what marriage is. Everything else just flows from there,” he added.

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