Why Heartbreak And Breakup Is A Common Thing In Nowadays

Why Heartbreak And Breakup Is A Common Thing In Nowadays

Relationship heartbreak and break up is now like toy that people play with in their relationship and marriage, here are some few causes it.

1. Our ways of dressing.

Half naked dressing is what most people don’t see as big deal these days simply because civilization and Western believe has made us understand that there’s no big deal in whatever we wear. Some even believed that it make them look attractive to their spouse, that can be true or false it may depend on situation.

Did you know that in Some cases guys can decide to take advantage of you because of what you wear or the way you always dress half naked? Dressing seductively doesn’t make you attract or guarantee that you will retain a guy. The best is to wear clothes that cover up and look responsible to anyone that you are in a relationship with or anyone looking at you. Mind me dressing doesn’t mean you are responsible but at a point its can give good impression to someone you are dating and people around you. “Dress the way you want to be Address”.


2. The ways we present ourselves to others.

For example: the way we talk and our behavior, etc, is not pleasant to others, maybe we sometimes talk and address our partner rudely, sometimes there’s lack of respect in our tones to them, and if there are some level of pride in the way we talk to our spouse, this can lead to breakup if your partner can no longer tolerate the attitude. So we always need a good presentation when talking to our partner for him/her to have good impression for us. Love can only be build on something, love doesn’t grow where there is no good character that will serves as foundation to build up the relationship, don’t expect someone you are always abusing to keep loving and be always caring to you, No! it’s impossible.


3. Lack of understanding and patience when matters arises in relationship/marriage.

You are always the first to nag on your spouse and when you are angry no one can control, you hot tempted, you won’t even care to say anything harsh because you are angry, you can even hit your partner at times because you are angry, things like that can cause break in your relationship/marriage because no one want to stay in a relationship/marriage where’s no peace of mind.


4. Civilization and western world believes.

Being filled with western thoughts just because you are seeing it in movies that it’s happening in western world doesn’t mean it will work for you in Africa. It’s different people and different areas with their different believes and ideas. Don’t let civilization makes you believe that you won’t do things to please your partner, marriage/relationship is all about understanding and agreement, if your spouse didn’t like it, don’t do it, and don’t impose it in your marriage/relationship because your friends does that or civilization thought you that. If you are imposing things it may lead to breakup or heartbreak in your relationship/marriage.


5. Inheritance and home training.

Lacking home training is something you even can’t have with a boyfriend or girlfriend, not think of marriage. You will always loose. Its much worst when you feel you have it all and that anyone would die to have you.


6. Not being Transparent and keeping secret.

When you are unable to open up to your partner, and when you are keeping secret, it may ruin your relationship/marriage because most times when your partner didn’t understand your ways in a relationship he/she may start having second thought about you and it may let him/her decide to leave the relationship even if it’s marriage at times. Being Transparent will build trust and let you understand your partner more. Feelings die most times when you don’t know what your partner is into, having doubting mind can kill feelings. You need to know that relationship don’t need guessing at all, you have to be plane and sincere if you want a long lasting relationship.


7. Health challenge or health issues.

Health challenge can come up anytimes in a relationship and it can take any form.
For Example: when you started the relationship you may not ask the genotype of the person you want to go for maybe because you are in so much love but later on as the relationship goes on you can decide to ask, maybe you later finds out you are not compatible, she is AS you are also AS, one of you can even be SS, That is why it’s very good to ask at early stage when you are about starting the relationship; what is your genotype? it’s not bad, it’s to avoid story that touches the heart because situations like that had cause heartbreak that some people can’t get themselves back together for a live time due to the pains its has cause them.

Example Two: some people can decide to leave their partners because they have one health challenge or another (Ulcer, Cancer, Hypotension, HIV, etc.) which they don’t know they have in their body in the initial stage of the relationship and lots of examples like that which I may not mention which can lead to sudden break up or heartbreak in relationship/marriage.

Why Heartbreak And Breakup Is A Common Thing In Nowadays
Why Heartbreak And Breakup Is A Common Thing In Nowadays

8. Lack of respect and loyalty.

9. Too much attraction to beauty and appearance.

10. Third party 🎉 🥳 influence.

11. Rigidity and pride.

12. Religious understanding and believes.

13. Financial challenges or financial issues.

14. Education, position and levels


Having any of this simply shows incompetence from your own side. Work on yourself constantly.

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