Nadiiife in love with miniskirts

Nadiiife in love with miniskirts

Nadiiife, a  CURVY woman has ignored the naysayers who call the fashion police on her – and she’s looking good while doing it. She’s proud of her buxom backside and chooses to flaunt it in miniskirts.

TikToker Nadi ( @nadiiife ) is a fashion influencer who opts for sophisticated, feminine pieces that highlight her European style. While the German beauty clearly feels beautiful in the ensembles she puts together, others like to bring her down.


In one video , she said haters called her style inappropriate.

“Wearing the fit people told me my a** is too thick for,” she wrote.

Nadiiife in love with miniskirts
Nadiiife in love with miniskirts

The comment comes as a surprise, given that Nadi’s outfits never reveal too much skin and are typically more vintage-inspired, dreamy, and conservative.

With long braids in her hair and wearing minimal makeup, she looked confident as she posed for the camera in the flirty brown mini.

Although the skirt barely covered her backside, she elevated the look and gave it a modest spin by pairing it with black tights, a white button-down, long socks, and loafers.


“In love with miniskirts ,” she proclaimed while giving a 360-degree view of her body.
After one user pointed out that they could “already see her cheeks” popping out, Nadi snapped back: “At least I have some babe.”

Nadiiife in love with miniskirts

Other viewers encouraged the style queen to keep doing things her way, despite what others say.

“Girl, you look amazing,” one person commented.

“They want it but are too jealous to compliment you. You look amazing in that outfit,” echoed another.

“Excuse those people. You just killed them all with this fit,” a third chimed in.

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