National Bikini Day: Another evidence of Time Changing

National Bikini Day: Another evidence of Time Changing

Happy National bikini Day! Yes, we do have a day dedicated to the Bikini!


The bikini is another evidence of how time keep changing. The bikini was first invented 75 years ago, in 1946, when women customarily wore just ‘below-the-knee-length’ gowns and men slightly oversized suits as their everyday wear. The war had just started not so long ago and was starting to really affect the citizens who were not directly involved in the war. The supply of fabrics was gradually reducing because the government needed to reduce production and consumption of civilian clothes to safeguard raw materials, the factory workers were sent to either kill, be killed or make themselves useful to the previously mentioned activities one way or another. The factory spaces were needed as well for war purposes. So as clothing material was getting more and more dear, the people had to get more and more creative with how they managed what was available.

National Bikini Day: Another evidence of Time Changing

Women started replacing the one-piece swimsuit with a two-piece outfit that consisted of a halter top and shorts in the 1930s. Then in 1946, the French désigner Louis Réard decided that if we are going to do this thing, we might as well do it well and dare to go all out. On July 5th of that year, he unveiled a daring two-piece suit that he baptised the ‘bikini’.

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Of course, initially people were shocked by how much skin was revealed but with time, the fashion slowly caught on. More and more people felt more ‘liberal’ and ‘liberated’. And now, even Nigeria, that is usually slow in catching up on global trends, is quickly adhering to this one.


On social media, we see more and more Nigerian ladies boldly flaunting their bikinis (and their bodies at the same time, wink wink) on their accounts, without a care in the world.

National Bikini Day: Another evidence of Time Changing

Of course, there are still some people who would rather use the other swimsuit options available. Once again we are reminded that this is a free world and we are constantly making choices which reflect our personality and values.

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I feel today being the National Bikini Day is a wonderful excuse to hit the beach and flaunt those wonderful assets! So if you’re up it, do join me as I revel in the sight and feel of the sun, wind, sand, water and freedom.

National Bikini Day: Another evidence of Time Changing

Once again, Happy National Bikini Day! Do make the most of it. Peace.


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