Nigeria Building BRICS or Stumbling Blocks

Why is Nigeria the last one in always Sceaming & Shouting into International Organisations.


When OAU was being formed our Leaders led by Tafawa Balewa had Misgivings about joining it and were not comfortable with Nkrumah & other founding fathers prospect of a United States of Africa.

When the AU agreed the Need for ACFTA to improve Inter Africa Trade Nigeria led by Goodluck then Buhari dragged our Feet while other African Countries Forged Ahead. Nigeria was about the last country to join and ratify ACFTA

Could this be a Hangover from our UK Colonial Masters Isolation Island Mentality.


Even in ECOWAS where we should be at the Forefront as the Sub Regions Giant we play 2nd Fiddle to Francophone Countries due to the overbearing influence of France.

ECOWAS has long been considering a Single Currency the ECO like the EURO but Nigeria is Dragging her Feet, while our Francophone Countries are Hooked line & Sinker in Bondage to the CFA controlled by France.


Most Fracophone Country Citizens want to jettison the CFA but are Directionless, being led by Leaders Implanted or Compromised by France. Nigeria is not providing any direction.

Frances France Afrique policies are another form of Enslavement & Colonialosm. What is Nigeria doing to ensure this ends at least in ECOWAS.


OPEC was formed in 1960 by 5 countries, but Nigeria didn’t join until 1971 as it’s 11th member, shortly after our Civil war to build up our Foreign Exchange Earnings. It’s likely Britain Discouraged Nigeria from joining earlier.

With Regards to BRICS unlike many Reports from our Opposition led Media, Nigeria was not Rejected Memebership of BRICS as we did not Apply or Signify any Serious Intention to join.

We are just sitting down watching like Johnny Come lately; following & never leading, waiting to see which way the wind blows.


As the largest black Nation and largest Economy in Africa we are not pulling our weight. When will our Foreign Relations change for the better.

Why are we so Retisant to joining BRICS & Lead a New World Order that Favours us and not the Imperialist who have held us down from Colonial times up to our Post Colonial Neocolonialist times.


What is your view, please share thanks


Femi Oke

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