Nigeria Presidential Election: Preparation for Rerun

Preparing for a rerun in some states for presidential elections as the opposition party, in this case, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), requires strategic planning, effective organization, and a commitment to democratic principles. Here’s how the PDP could approach the preparation for a rerun:

1. Legal Understanding:
Thoroughly understand the legal framework governing rerun elections in the states where they are scheduled. This includes the relevant election laws, guidelines, and timelines.


2. Transparent Communication:
Communicate openly with party members, supporters, and the public about the party’s intent to participate in the rerun and its commitment to a fair and transparent electoral process.

3. Candidates Preparation:
Ensure candidates are adequately briefed about the party’s policies, electoral laws, and expectations.

4. Grassroots Mobilization:
Mobilize party members and supporters at the grassroots level to promote the party’s agenda, encourage voter turnout, and monitor the election process.


5. Voter Education:
Conduct voter education campaigns to inform citizens about the rerun process, voting procedures, and the importance of their participation.

6. Observer Engagement:
Collaborate with domestic and international observers to monitor the rerun and report any irregularities or violations.

7. Strategic Alliances:
Form strategic alliances with civil society organizations, interest groups, and other like-minded parties to strengthen the credibility of the electoral process.

8. Legal Expertise:
Assemble a team of legal experts to provide guidance on electoral laws, potential challenges, and dispute resolution mechanisms.


9. Media Engagement:
Engage with the media to ensure fair coverage of the party’s activities, candidates, and positions. Utilize various media platforms to communicate effectively with the public.

10. Transparency in Campaign Financing:
– Ensure transparency in campaign financing to avoid allegations of impropriety or corruption.

11. Civic Engagement:
– Encourage citizens to actively engage in the democratic process and exercise their right to vote, emphasizing the importance of their voice.

12. Dispute Resolution Mechanisms:
– Establish mechanisms to swiftly address any complaints or disputes that arise during the rerun, ensuring they are resolved within the legal framework.


13. Continuous Monitoring:
– Continuously monitor the election process to identify and address any irregularities, ensuring a level playing field for all candidates.

14. Peaceful Messaging:
– Promote a message of unity, peace, and respect for the rule of law among supporters and the general public.


The PDP’s effective preparation for a rerun as the opposition party not only demonstrates its commitment to democratic principles but also contributes to a credible and transparent electoral process. By approaching the rerun with strategic planning, transparency, and respect for the rules, the PDP can uphold the integrity of the democratic process and maintain its relevance as a responsible political party.


– Omolara Williams

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