Ogun best teacher hails FG over reintroduction of history subject into curriculum

The Federal Government has been applauded for the reintroduction of history into the curriculum of schools, saying the step is in order and in a good direction.


 Mr. Odufeso Tajudeen who is the 2022 overall best teacher in Ogun State, made this statement in Abeokuta the State Capital, stressing that the expunged of history in the curriculum was a monumental mistake which the negative effect has eaten deeper in the society.


He said for over thirteen years that history subject had been expunged from the school curriculum, the generation within that space had no understanding of the basic history of the country called Nigeria and its divers cultural background, saying the Federal Government decision to re-introduce history subject is a welcome policy that is generally accepted.


Odufeso said history used to be a major fundamental subject in the classroom that gives the students a sense of belonging of their Country historical background, adding that the step would bring back good memories of the Country history in the coming generation, especially the students.


“The immediate generation and incoming generation will definitely benefit immensely from this FG decision as history use to be one of the fundamental and functional subject taught in our classrooms that gives the students a sense of belonging of their Country historical background”. Odufeso said.


Odufeso Tajudeen bagged 2022 Ogun State best teacher in Senior category, 2022 Ogun State Overall Best Teacher Winner, and was invited to Chamber by the Ogun State House of Assembly (OGHA) Speaker, Rt  Hon. Olakunle Oluomo for recognition, 2022 award of recognition by Innovative for Education and Development (IDEE), Abuja and 2021 Overall best teacher in Isara Secondary School, Isara Remo.

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