Olivia Emmanuel: I’m not a lesbian

Olivia Emmanuel: I’m Not a lesbian

Nigerian nude model, Olivia Emmanuel has reacted to being called a lesbian by one of her fans.

The popular model has responded to allegations of being in an intimate relationship with her downlinners.

This is coming after one of her fans dragged her for allegedly being in an intimate relationship with p**n Models who are still under her guardian.

According to the WhatsApp user, the alleged same gender affair would soon be publish if she gets her fact.


The WhatsApp user, wrote:

“Olivia The lesbian affair you are having with your downlinners will soon be known to the world!! Trust me!! Bloggers are going to publish the le*bian affair you and and your downlinners are having !! Very soon !! Watch out!!”

Olivia Emmanuel: I’m Not a lesbian

Olivia Emmanuel reacted stating that they can go ahead to post the whole issue as it would help her career.

The Model also added that the issue would aid raise and increase her fan base as there are plenty women that would like to get laid her.


She said:

“Is as if coro don enter this ones brain. And trust me when you publish your rubbish you go increase my fan base cause plenty babes don dey wait me for that side.
Inugo! Onye asiri jisie Ike!

Olivia Emmanuel: I’m Not a lesbian

The model confessed how some ladies of the class had made advances on her, but she turned their offer because, according to her, it’s a sin against God and humanity. Olivia Emmanuel stated that she’s only attracted and interested in men.

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