EDITORIAL: lsese Day Celebration

EDITORIAL: lsese Day Celebration

Isese Day Celebration is a day to commemorate the celebration of traditions and culture internationally.

This celebration comes up at a time Oke-ltase had been mounted and given feed back about the foretell of terrestrial spirits and lfa Oracle divined for the world and Oduduwa’s heritage across board.


This celebration lingers beyond the month of August. As a matter of fact to recognize the tradition and culture while August 20 only picked by the traditionalists to celebrate the tradition and culture of Yoruba culture and Traditions land tagged lsese Day Celebration.

This celebration was firstly recognized in 2014 by former Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

Lagos, Ogun, Oyo States have emulated the development by declaring public holiday on Monday 21 August,2023 for the celebration.


Culture and Traditions have never been neglected by the United States of America, Britain, Cuba and others countries of the western world.

The development of Oracle cards in the technological advancement and innovations of the world can never be downplayed at any point through this.

This signifies that Culture and Traditions can never be downplayed in any nation willing to develop, in terms of language, greetings, habitations outfits and other life activities.


Culture and Traditions are backbone of any developed society according to a notable scholar and a Psychologist Sigmund Freud.

It is high time Nigeria’s Culture and Traditions should be taken seriously for a better future of our dear nation.lf foreign countries can take our languages seriously more than we do.This indicates how seriously we should hold on to our tradition and cultural heritage of our land.


Happy lsese Day Celebration.


Comrade Mustapha T.A

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