Ondo vs Fulani Herdsmen: SAGG President faults Miyetti Allah

Ondo vs Fulani Herdsmen: SAGG President faults Miyetti Allah

President of the Stevocracy Advocates for Good Governance (SAGG), Comrade Adegoriola Steve, has blamed Miyetti Allah for not controlling Fulani Herdsmen accross Nigeria.

The SAGG President also accused Miyetti Allah for instead sponsoring terrorism accross the nation through the herdsmen.

Ondo vs Fulani Herdsmen: SAGG President faults Miyetti Allah

In a statement to GBETU on Wednesday, 20th January, Comrade Steve Adegoriola commended Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu for the move to totally expel Fulani Herdsmen from the state.

He noted that the decision was made for the interest of the “people and entire Nigeria.

Akeredolu on Monday had issued a 7 days ultimatum for Fulani Herdsmsn to vacate forest reserves in the state, but Garba Shehu on Tuesday says this move is “atavistic and cruel” adding that only dialogue by both parties is the best solution.

Reacting, Comrade Adegoriola said that this was the best decision made by Akeredolu so far.

He says that, the “Miyetti Halah group has proven over donkey years of PMB existence that they lack coordination and they are bereft of leadership history in their dealings across the country.

“We have seen them as marauding beasts seeking to devour, destroy lives and properties across the country without any serious caution by the federal government .

“The rate of kidnapping and killing by Fulani herdsmen across the country has become unbearable and mostly in Ondo State for the past three months but every story about the state has fallen into the deaf ears of the federal government.”

“If Miyetti Alah must provide alternative lives to those innocent citizens that have been killed for the past five years by his fellow Fulani herdsmen, I will be one of the people to urge ondo State Governor to provide alternative to the ultimatum issued to the Fulani herdsmen vacating Ondo Forest.”

He also warned, the Federal Government not to interfere in situations like this, while also calling on the international community to see Miyetti Allah as am advanced terrorist group of Boko Haram.

“I want to issue warning to the fed government not to breed war between States and herdsmen, states must be allowed to decide their fate as federal government has failed to stop the kidnapping and killing

“I also urge the federal government and international community to render the leadership of Miyetti Allah apprehended because it is a terrorist group, they should not be seen as the social or tribal organization because it is an advanced- terrorist group of Boko Haram .

Issuing a direct warning to Fulani Herdsmen, he says –

“We want to state it emphatically that if your activities are not controlled in the nearest few years to come, the entire nation will relocate you back to your original base where you belong .

“We appreciate all the fellow northern associations’ leaders like Arewa Youths Consultative President, Comrade Yerima Shetimma; Arewa Youths Consultative Council President, Comrade Zaid Ayuba Alhaji Kulikuli; for your interest in building one Nigeria.

Concluding he says, “No one must see this as a tribal war but the medium to reduce and curb killings and kidnapping across the country.”

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