Ondo Assembly pronounces Aiyedatiwa Acting Governor

After meticulous deliberation on the current political imbroglio in Ondo State, ILAJE PROGRESSIVE INTELLECTUALS, a socio- political organization comprising of eminent lawyers, Engineers, scholars and other professionals in various field of endeavours found it imperative to convey their reservation on the current political quagmire in Ondo State so that our silence will not be misconstrued as cowardice.


We believe injustice thrives when people with good conscience remain tacit when situation like this arises. It has come to our notice that the Ondo State House of Assembly have decided to proceed with the impeachment proceedings against the Deputy Governor, H.E Lucky Ayedatiwa despite the order of court of competent jurisdiction restraining them and after their first attempt had hit a solid brick wall with the intervention of national leadership of the APC coupled, with the reconciliatory mechanism put in place to broker peace between the Governor and his co-pilot of the state. The allegations border on financial malfeasance and abuse of office amongst others.


We have stated severally, unequivocally and we remain intransigent with our position that an attempt to remove H.E Lucky Ayedatiwa will precipitate anarchy and civil unrest and we urge the Ondo State House of Assembly to desist from the orchestrated impeachment proceedings and political machination against Lucky Ayedatiwa by his political adversaries.

The flagellation of toxic propaganda and deliberate venting of falsehood by Wale Akinterinwa, his political lap dogs and flunkeys which we perceive as media hooliganism and some Governorship aspirants is a campaign of calumny to cast Ayedatiwa in a bad light before the populace to obstruct his soaring popularity and magnetism to pave their way to stardom just because they perceive him as an albatross to their aspiration.


We have unraveled their sinister motives and evil machination. It is comical and preposterous to levelled allegation of financial impropriety on a consummate and accomplished business magnate before his foray into politics; H. E Lucky Ayedatiwa that we know is a man of unquestionable character whose reputation transcend beyond the shore of Nigeria and he will never descend from sublimity of honourable man to indulge himself in anything that will erode the confidence reposed in him as public servant.


It also laughable Lucky Ayedatiwa that was accused of diverting the sum of 300m for purchase of official vehicle has not acquired one since he assumed office as a Deputy Governor which is an eloquent testimony, the same man accused of financial malfeasance is a prudent manager of resources who never coveted the profligate and opulent lifestyle of an average Nigerian politician, does the same man needs any evidence to exonorate himself from these frivolous and watery allegation levelled against him ?


It is conspicuous the impeachment proceedings against Lucky Ayedatiwa is not because he has committed any constitutional infraction neither does he have any skeleton in his cupboard. while we understand the Ondo State House of Assembly Members have every right to exercise their constitutional oversight functions to checkmate the excesses of a public office holder it must also be noted the impeachment proceedings is not borne of true leadership fervour but clandestine attempt and connivance by some Assembly Members to frustrate the Governorship aspiration Lucky Ayedatiwa and other potential aspirants from Ilaje extraction.


Our silence should not be misconstrued as cowardice, we are prepared for every eventuality if Akeredolu and his family wish to plunge the state into anarchy and continue to sacrifice our interest on the altar of selfish gratification and personal aggrandizement.

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