PDP Congress Update: Deliberate Delay to Frustrate Lagos Delegates

Total Sell Out towards Election (PDP Lagos State Congress Election)

”The plans to disenfranchise Lagos PDP delegates is gradually coming to fusion. Accreditation had gotten to EPE LGA even with the snail speed on which the Congress committee has been conducting the entire process. Sadly, the venue operators had to shamefully throw all PDP delegates from that LGA out of their premises because the rental fees expired by 5pm. This is a pity for the future of this party that the caretaker committee could not organize this event successfully.


”Reports have it that our delegates have been asked to proceed to the Skypower ground a more porous venue where the plans to unleash the mayhem on the delegates will be executed.


”The Congress Committee had been given a fake list of approved Executives, many of whom never purchased the forms for the congress. Upon hearing the names, the delegates refused to comply and insisted that the congress must proceed.

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”This is a call on the NWC to closely monitor this process to ensure that our votes count. They must not allow the plans of Chief Olabode George through the incompetent Caretaker Committee to succeed. Lagos State delegates have spent to whole day trying to exercise their fundamental rights to vote for candidatees of their choice.


”The Skypower ground is now filled with imported blood thirsty thugs from Oyo state and the Aeroland thugs. The NWC should come to our aid! Right now Segun Adewale has been seen behind the hall giving instructions to his thugs to commence problem.”

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