Remove Dr. Peter Egenti and Mrs Pat Offiah, Ogbunike Youths urges Gov. Obiano

Remove Peter Egenti and Pat Offiah, Ogbunike Youths urges Obiano

Remove Peter Egenti and Pat Offiah, Ogbunike Youths urges Obiano

…. Ogbunike can not be taken back to sorry state by incompetent Government appointees, Group warns as they Pass Vote of No Confidence on most Ogbunike born appointees in Governor Willie Obiano administration.

The Youths of Ogbunike community in Oyi local government area of Anambra State have asked the Gov. Willie Obiano to remove Dr. Peter Egenti and Mrs Pat Offiah from office.

The Youths made it clear in a Sunday statement made available to GBETU and signed by Comrade Ebuka Onyekwelu ESQ, that they will hit the street with massive protest if the Governor fails to heed to their plea.

According Ogbunike Youth, Dr. Peter Egenti and Mrs Pat Offiah have made it a point of duty to “sabotage” privileges ment for them.

The concerned youths of Ogbunike; An Umbrella body of knowledgeable and credible youths of the community pushing for social change in their community and Anambra as a whole, after much delebration passed a vote of no confidence on Egenti and Offiah.

They wish for immediate replacement of the duo by Governor Willie Obiano for progress.

Remove Peter Egenti and Pat Offiah, Ogbunike Youths urges Obiano

Read statement below –

In an unreserved manner, we wish to eulogies the Executive Governor of Anambra State, HE, Chief Dr Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano KCSG and our dearly beloved sister and amiable wife of the Governor Chief (Lady) Ebelechukwu Obiano for their concerted efforts and concern for the people of Ogbunike who by the grace of the Almighty doubles as in-laws to the Governor.

Ogbunike is one out of the over One Hundred and Seventy (170) communities in the 21 Local Government Areas of the State, but regardless of this fact, the Executive Governor has continued to draw OGBUNIKE close to his many developmental vision and mission; building of necessary infrastructures and more importantly the direct and indirect appointment of over Two Hundred (200) Ogbunike indigenes into his administration.

It is pertinent to note that these appointments have not really benefited the people of Ogbunike and the community at large.

As concerned youths of Ogbunike (An Umbrella body of knowledgeable and credible youths of the community pushing for social change) we wish to by this press Statement PASS A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE and equally appeal to the Governor and our dearly beloved Sister Osodieme to please with much needed energy and for the general interest and well-being of Ogbunike Replace (With other qualified indigenes of Ogbunike) the underperforming and ghost appointees who have also been accused of massive corruption, abuse of office, and gross incompetence.
I. Dr. Peter Egenti, Chairman Anambra State Service Commission.
II. Mrs. Pat Offiah, former SSA Primary Education and now 2IC Post Primary School Service Commission.
III. And host of other ghost and incompetent appointees.

For the umpteenth time, there have been accusation of contract scams and alleged demand of kickbacks from road contractors working on the Ogbunike roads by the agents of these various appointees which has continued to sabotage the completion of the many road projects in Ogbunike, we have also learned from reliable source that most of these projects have been paid for upto 70% but yet to replicate such in construction due to massive kickbacks and contract scam from those who claim to be close to Her Excellency, the Wife of the Governor.

Again, these group of never do well appointees have continued to shut every voice willing to question their rascality and misgivings.

We would not fold our arms and watch questionable characters, those who doesn’t mean well for Ogbunike and mere opportunists abuse the offices availed to them on behalf of the general Ogbunike people.

The Wife of the Governor and our In-law Akpokuedike Aguleri have all done so much to help ameliorate the plight of the Ogbunike people but the square pegs appointed into Round holes have continued to sabotage such privileges.

We therefore, PASS A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE ON DR. PETER EGENTI and his Counterpart MRS. PAT OFFIAH and host of other incompetent appointees of the present Administration.

We call for their immediate replacement with other Ogbunike Sons and Daughters who have the capacity to maximize their offices for the general interest and benefit of Ogbunike.

We will hit the street in massive protest possibly may be provoked to cause civil disobedience if the Governor fail to hearken to our call and appeal to him for the general interest and well-being of Ogbunike.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2020

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