Robbers disguise as Covid-19 team to rob house in Ikoyi

COVID-19: More than 10,000 African health workers infected – WHO

Ikoyi Coronavirus Robbers: In the wake of the current lockdown order and all of its attendant inconveniences, Robbers still formulate new methods of robbing unsuspecting citizens and disposes them of their properties and valuables.


According reports, some men of the underworld disguised as members of the COVID 19 medical team attempted to make entrance into a private residence in Ikoyi.

It was gathered that around 1am on Tuesday, 21st April, some 3 or 4 persons went to a building at Ikoyi and ordered the gate man to open the gate, alleging they were from the hospital, and have come to evacuate a Coronavirus patient in the building. They repeatedly instructed the guard to open the Main Gate.

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“According to the guard’s description, two or three of them were wearing PPE, masks and gloves, and two in army uniform with masks and gloves”.


“Though the guard was a bit shaken, he made it clear to them that the landlord himself would have to personally instruct him to open the gate before he can do so.”


“If they really have to take a CoronaVirus patient, they have to wait outside till the morning”.

“As the guard did not open the gate, they said they would come back later in the morning”.


“Surprisingly no one came in the morning to get the supposed Coronavirus patient, because there was really no Coronavirus patient in the building”.


“So it is clear that those who came to the house to take the Coronavirus patient were thieves!”

“The entire building was saved from an unpleasant incident due to the guard’s intelligence”.


This is to notify the general public to be more cautious and proactive as robbers are constantly inventing new methods to take advantage of the current situation at hand to rob people. Lets be vigilant.


Ikoyi Coronavirus Robbers

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