Robyn Lawley: “I got really fortunate and my career took off”

SI Swimsuit model Robyn Lawley appeared in four consecutive magazine issues, including her debut with the brand in 2015. That year, she was captured in Wyoming by James Macari, while her most recent feature was a special in-studio project titled “In Her Own Words” with photographer Taylor Ballantyne in 2018.


The 34-year-old also traveled to the gorgeous country of Malta and posed on the breathtaking beaches of Mexico during her time with the brand.

The mom of one, who has a daughter named Ripley, uses her platform to advocate for body positivity while being transparent about the realities of being a model. Lawley, who was born in Australia, also loves to share all sorts of vegan recipes—from starters to main courses to desserts.


“I got really fortunate and my career took off. Shooting Sports Illustrated was like a very ‘pinch me’ moment. I kind of wish every shoot was like Sports Illustrated. It’s nice to have a fashion shoot that’s not so much about fashion, for starters. It’s about you as a personality,” the Every Body With Robyn Lawley podcast host said.

Robyn Lawley: “I got really fortunate and my career took off''

“Getting a cover of a magazine, at our size—Ashley [Graham] is a 14—that has a huge impact on girls. And that is a great message to send. The times have changed. I see posters of women that I can relate to all the time now. That’s a great start. Trying to make everyone this one ideal [where] that’s the only type of beautiful person there is—it’s just not even logical. It’s kind of stupid.”

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