Doyin to fans: You have no right to tell celebrities what to wear

Doyin to fans: You have no right to tell celebrities what to wear

Big Brother Naija star, Doyin David has taken aim at people who criticize the outfits worn by celebrities.

Doyin took to her Twitter account to register her displeasure at those who feel entitled to their own opinions about other people’s attire.

She noted that just because a person is on TV does not give people the right to police what they wear.


She noted: “Why do you think your opinion counts on what someone should or shouldn’t wear? Like who are you? What position do you hold in their life? Just because you watched them on TV you think you have the right to tell them how to dress? I put it to you that you are insane!.”

Doyin to fans: You have no right to tell celebrities what to wear

In September, during the virtual meeting, asked about her journey in the house and why she fell out with a lot of personalities in the house.

She said: “I do not regret being the way I was on the show because that is who I am, People have always told me I’m outspoken and all that but I have never really thought I’m outspoken or I am expressive. I think I figured that out on the show. I figured out that I am a lot more extreme [in speaking] than a lot of people but how did that affect me?

”I think it did not make me keep as many friendships and as many relationships as I would have built because a lot of people misunderstood me but I would not have changed it, to be honest. I don’t think I can be less than this.”


Recall that during her time on the show, Doyin had a rift with Pere, Venita, Ilebaye, and many others over being outspoken.

The reality star added: “I was literally living my day-to-day life in the house, I was just reacting based on my feeling in the house. For me, it was like living my life. It was a journey, it wasn’t something that I sat down to write the script and say I would be like this. I did not expect it to play out the way it was.

”I am the only one from this season who did not know any of the housemates before coming to the house, the person that I knew was Adekunle. Immediately after Level-Up (Season 7), we never spoke until the reunion. Ilebaye, I met her but I never really spoke to her. There was nobody in that house that I had their number. I met all of them in the house.”


Doyin, before her eviction that Sunday, made a comment about Venita’s character and her grouse with it.

When asked about why she made the statement, she defended herself and said she only spoke about her perspective and it does not affect her personal relationship with Adekunle.


Doyin said: “I was speaking from my perspective. If I were a viewer, I would not vote for her(Venita), I was just saying that if not for the fact that she is in a ship(with Adekunle), I just thought that is the only reason she is still on the show and that is just how I feel.”

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