Shaffy Bello emphasizes need for ladies to bring value to a relationship

Shaffy Bello emphasizes need for ladies to bring value to a relationship

Popular Nigerian actress Shaffy Bello has emphasised the need for ladies to bring value to a relationship.

The thespian, while speaking on a recent episode of ‘Me, Her and Everything Else’ podcast, said it is important to know what each partner has to offer in a relationship.


Shaffy Bello pointed out that if she were to be a man, she does not see herself marrying a woman who is a liability.

She said that being a responsible and hardworking makes a woman more attractive other than being constantly needy and entitled.


She said: “I would tell the ladies, never tell a man, ‘Why are you asking me what do I bring to the table?’ I’m sorry, I’m not one of those; I think we both should ask ourselves, ‘What are we bringing to the table.”

“If he’s bringing something to the table, you should bring something to the table. I don’t want to marry a liability if I was a man. As a matter of fact, you look more attractive that way. You can’t just be needy, that’s not attractive,” she added.


Shaffy Bello also stated that she won’t date a man who would not allow her to work.

The actress argued that a woman must strive to support her husband at home financially regardless of the fact that men are supposed to be responsible for keeping the home.


She explained that she won’t allow herself to be demoted to a wife who would stay at home even if she got married to a billionaire

Bello said, “I think a man was raised to be a provider. To be the king, usually people go to the king for direction.

“So as a woman, I want to have my own, so that I can be of help when you need me. I can’t date a man who says stop working.


“But to be honest with you, even if you are a billionaire and you put me in a hole, I still have to do something. Because the reason you fell in love with me is because of who I am now. So I am not going to demote myself because of that.”


Shaffy got married to her estranged husband, Akinrimisi in 1995 but their union hit the rocks in 2020.

Shaffy had earlier in February disclosed that she wants a companion but was not interested in getting married.

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