Simon Ekpa not arrested, debunks rumor with live video

Simon Ekpa arrested

Leader of an autopilot faction of the Indigeneous People of Biafra (IPOB), Simon Ekpa have debunked arrest rumor with a live video.


News made round on Friday, 15th December, 2022 that Mr Ekpa had been arrested by the International Police known as Interpol.


This news was championed by one Mr Agba Kalu a reporter and senior Editor of Sun Newspaper, that Interpol got Mazi Simon Ekpa arrested for terrorism in Germany.

That he was arrested at the Finland International Airport while trying to escape to Israel 

Simon Ekpa arrested

But the alleged Mazi Nnamdi Kanu disciple in a live Friday video debunked the rumor in a car, saying it’s fake news as usual.



Earlier, Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq., Nnamdi Kanu’s Lawyer dragged Simon Ekpa to Court, saying he will be arrested anywhere he is hiding.


The statement reads;



Today, we formally commenced a legal action before the FCT High Court against Simon Ekpa, which action is founded on a plethora of grave infractions arising from his violent, disturbing and false declarations.

I may not release further details here so that it will not prejudice the robust legal actions already lined up for him and his cohorts. It shall be coming in piecemeal. This is the first batch.


I also want to assure Simon Ekpa and his cohorts affected by this compelling legal action, that no matter the country you people believe to be presently hiding under its sovereign protection, the full arms of the law shall certainly catch up with you all, in the legal onslaught already commenced. This is just one in the long line of compelling civil and criminal litigations coming your way.


The hour has come, and I wish to reiterate that you Simon Ekpa cannot escape from the long arms of the law.


We move! With this oji abatam!



Sir ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq.

13th December, 2022.

Simon Ekpa not arrested, debunks rumor with live videoSimon Ekpa not arrested, debunks rumor with live video

On Thursday, 15th December, Thousands of Nigerians signed a petition demanding arrest of Simon Ekpa over Five-Day Sit-at-home order and killings in South-East Nigeria.


The petitioners called on the Finnish government, Nigerian government and the European Union to arrest Ekpa, the brain behind the order.

As of Thursday afternoon, over 2700 persons had signed the petition seeking for Ekpa’s arrest.


Ekpa, had in a viral video, ordered the people of the South-East to observe a sit-at-home from December 9 to 14, 2022 – an order that has been marked by bloodshed and destruction of lives and properties in the region by its enforcers.


Although IPOB, through its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, denied issuing such an order, violence had continued to reign in the region.

Consequently, aggrieved Nigerians are signing the petition calling for Ekpa’s arrest for “terrorism and genocide.”


The petition reads, “We call on the Finnish Government, EU, The Nigerian Government to arrest Mr. Simon Ekpa, and investigate all his heinous crimes and terror activities in Eastern Nigeria.


“One Simon Ekpa (also known as Ifeanyi Njoku), a Nigerian living in Finland, and holding Finnish citizenship, has by proxies, successfully established and coordinated an armed rebel group in Eastern Nigeria whom he now wields to destroy lives, property, and businesses in Eastern Nigeria.


“He’s been seen countless times, using his media platforms in Finland to issue orders to his armed goons in Eastern Nigeria to launch deadly attacks on millions of people in the region for flouting his sit-at-home orders.


“Simon is a separatist fighting for state secession but has never been brave enough to come home and lead the war from the front in Nigeria.


“He is rather igniting and fueling terror on his ethnic group who decline his call for secession.


“Simon’s action is stirring up bloodbath – a genocide in the region, and innocent women, children, the aged and youths are the victims dying everyday.


“Sign the petition, and share it everywhere, to call on the Finnish Government, EU, The Nigerian Government to arrest Mr. Simon Ekpa, and investigate all his heinous crimes and terror activities in Eastern Nigeria.”

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