Sons of Ekinigbo Town Kidnapped in front of Police Headquarters

Sons of Ekinigbo Town Kidnapped in front of Police Headquarters

The people of Ekinigbo Town which is made-up of communities like, Ngbuadu, Nguesilaru, Nkpolu, Rumu-omi and Rumu-Orosi, came out in their numbers with traditional rulers, men, women and youths, chanting war songs and expressing bitterness over the abduction of their sons, Comr. Bobby Ezekiel and Mr. Chamberlain Owhonda who were whisked away in front of the Police HQ in Abuja on the 26th of October after an interview with a senior police officer assigned by the IGP, by yet to be identified men and their whereabouts yet unknown till date.

The protesters took their protest to major roads and junctions of the Rumuigbo clan and finally settled at the Nkpolu play ground where they held a press briefing.


During the press briefing, the Paramount Ruler, Eze Prof. Reginald Amadi narrated how the duo Bobby Ezekiel and Chamberlain Owhonda were abducted under the supervision and identification by proteges of Chief Tony Okocha namely Chief Billy Owhonda, Mr. Nyekwere Chindah, Mr. Otu Michael Nwosu and Mr. Roland Amaehule who sent a petition to the IGP against some leaders of Ekinigbo Town.

The abduction was perpetuated right in front of the police headquarters without recourse to the constituencies. Two (2) weeks after the ugly incident, no news or contact has been made with the abductors.


They called on the Police high Commission to expedite action in releasing them. He expressed shock at how people could be freely kidnapped just in front of the Police HQ with the amount of security presence and no trace till date.

He also seized the opportunity to call on his subjects to remain calm while they wait on the Police to do their job and see to the release of their sons from the hands of the abductors.


The leadership of the youths also expressed high level of bitterness over the inhumane act of holding 2 promising young men all from Nkpolu community by the above mentioned suspects as the masterminds of the kidnap.

Evangelist Confidence Nyege who is the secretary of Nkpolu Rumuigbuo youth organization explained that one of the victims known as Chamberlain Owhonda is the Youth President of Nkpolu Rumuigbuo while Comr. Bobby Ezekiel Kingsley is the current Youth President of Ekinigbo.

He maintained that the youths of the community are still maintaining their peace as advised by the chiefs and elders until a time would come when they will lose their cool then the abductors will feel the venom of the youths if they continue to hold on to the duo.

Sons of Ekinigbo Town Kidnapped in front of Police Headquarters
Sons of Ekinigbo Town Kidnapped in front of Police Headquarters

The wife of Comr. Bobby, Mrs. Sarima who couldn’t hold her tears recounted a series of complaints by her husband on the threat on his life by Chief Tony Okocha and pleaded for the unconditional release of her husband because he is innocent of whatever he is being held for. She insisted that if her husband is guilty, he should be charged to court rather than being held without any communication with his family.


Chief Tony Okocha is the estranged former Chief of staff to Rotimi Amaechi during his second tenure as Governor and has just been recently appointed as the state Commissioner on the yet to be inaugurated NDDC Board.

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