Sowore accused to bringing terrorism into Nigeria


Sowore accused to bringing terrorism into Nigeria


Sometimes issues like this is difficult to assess without sentiment or emotion. However, anybody following the trends around the world will understand that no right thinking government will allow interest groups or individuals to carry out social coup by following court order or rule of law.


The world is a global village and with the experience of Egypt, Libya, Sudan. it will be wrong to assume Sowore threat is ordinary.

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Just few days ago, KANU lawyers and Biafra boys killed policemen because they resisted arrest. The KANU Sowore met before his #revolutionow.


US government, the father of human right uses drone to kill their target outside America without waiting for trial in court. Boko Haram started like area boys before it grown into global terror group. When the security of state is under threat, court of law may be an obstacle.

With the ground coalitions of notable individual against the government, no one can imagine or know better than DSS about what Sowore and his group have in stock.



Those who blame DSS may be right but, the intelligence team also, have a role to play.


This is democracy, we can read different meaning to the development but, we must not be too emotional about the security related matter. Sowore dared the lion and he must be ready to fight on. In such battle, you either win or loose. Let us continue to follow the event.

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