Stop Killing Biafrans – Imam Of Peace Tells Buhari

A popular Australian and Shia Muslims Influencer, Mohammad Tawhidi also known as ”Imam Of Peace” has called on the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari to Stop killing Biafrans.


The Controversial Self Acclaimed Imam Of Peace Said This On A Post On His Official Twitter Handle On Wednesday.

Stop Killing Biafrans - Imam Of Peace Tells Buhari

Biafrans are majorly people from Eastern part of Nigeria. It Was Once A Separate Country On it’s Own After Its Leader Connell Odimegwu Ojukwu Declared Her Sovereignty In 1967 but the Nigerian Government Refused To Fulfil The Terms Of An Agreed Meeting In Aburi Accord In Ghana In 1966.


The Disagreement Of The Federal Government Which Is Lead By The Northern Nigerian General Yakubu Gowon As They Continued Their Marginalisation And Killing Of The South Eastern Part Of Nigeria In The North.

This Angered The Elders Of The South Eastern Nigeria As The They As Ojukwu To Declare The Sovereignty State Known As Biafra .


The Declaration Of Biafra Didn’t Not Last Longer As War Broke Out Between The Nigerian Government Led By General Yakubu Gowon And The Biafran Government Lead By Connell Odimegwu Ojukwu.

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The Civil War Lasted For Three Years 1967-1970 Following A Cease Fire Agreement From Both Parties To Reunite Back As One Nigeria.


But Since Then The South Eastern Part Of Nigeria Majorly Igbos Have Been Crying Over The Marginalisation By The Nigerian Government And Since Then Has Been Crying For A Separate Country Of Their Own.


The Agitation Of Sovereign State Of Biafra, Gained Momentum Following The Emergence Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB Led By Nnamdi Kanu A British Nigerian From Abia State In The Eastern Part Of Nigeria.

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Nnamdi Kanu Is Currently Being Detained By The Nigerian Government Following His Arrest And Extradition From Kenya To Continue His Treasonable Felony Charges Against Him By The Nigerian Government.

The IPOB Group Has Been A Major Tacket Of The Nigerian Army, After The Federal Government Of Nigeria Has Tagged Then A Terrorist Organisation Which Did Not Go Well With Some People.


Many Of IPOB Members Have Been Killed By The Nigerian Security Operatives.

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