Story-summary of all that have been happening at the National Assembly till date by Playful Nigerian.

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….Ok, this is how it has played out so far:
Tinubu presses the first button, 

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Drawing Saraki out to show his hand,  by arranging an invitation letter to visit the police on armed robbery allegation charges.
Saraki pulls a fast one, by perfecting the defection of some APC Senators on the same morning he was meant to appear at the police station.
On the morning of the planned defection, Saraki connives with Security agent moles to stage a fake blockage/Siege of his residence.
Therefore, he cannot honour the “Alagbon Close” police invitation;
A Sophisticated form of his pal, Dino Melaye’s tree climbing kidnap.
Pictures of the “blockage” are taken and distributed among his paid goons on social media and main stream sympathetic media to “make some noise”
As the orchestrated noise reaches a crescendo that morning,
Saraki mysteriously appears from the “wilderness, on the floor of the Senate, claiming his house was under siege from Security forces, including the DSS.
He gives the usual “glory be to God”
Announces the names of the defecting APC Senators,  closes down the Senate for 8 weeks and goes home to Toyin.
He then announces his own defection on Twitter, after he had already closed down the National Assembly!
Buhari wishes the defectors well and comes on vacation to Mazi in London.
As soon as everywhere is settled and the vultures are patting themselves on the back for a job well pecked,
Asiwaju, the Baba strategist himself! pulls a masterstroke joker out of the pack:
Godswill Akpabio!
Come and see panic helter skelter!
Adults pissing in their pants.
Everybody shouts “Sai Baba! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 in admiration.
The agonised cries of the  Wailers was loudest in their shocked silence.
Own goal.
Saraki calls for new balls 🎾 and tries a new backhand stroke:
He calls an emergency meeting of the National Assembly Leaders, sending a coded message for his scheming PDP goons to show up at the National Assembly on Tuesday morning.
Despite being on vacation, normally lazy and freeloading fat cat PDP Legislatives members suddenly turn up at 7:00am in the morning with a large retinue of media photographers in tow.
They are met by DSS operatives who were also mysteriously waiting with machine guns! 
In ten minutes, pictures and videos are appearing on the timelines of the usual suspects making the usual noises, deriding Buhari as authoritarian and a dictator.
Senator Ben Bruce, the bearer of Tree climbing and Kidnapping news, gives a rambling, impromptu, Non-commonsensical speech at the gates, on  Education and Imported goods.
Then he drops a clanger:
He reveals that only PDP Senators are present at the NASS that morning:
“For what?” commentators start to find their voices.
Rotten fish starts to smell.
By noon, the offending fish head is picked out:

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Acting President Oshinbajo sacks the DSS Boss, Daura, who obviously orchestrated the NASS siege.
The insect that eats the vegetable, lives inside the vegetable.
🎵wòn ti gbá penalty sí throwing 🎵🕺🏾💃🏾
Sai Baba! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
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