Ten interesting Cornrows Hairstyle you shouldn’t miss rocking

Cornrows are one of the most protective and low-maintenance hairstyles you can try for natural or relaxed tresses. They sit close to the scalp and can take on a variety of shapes depending on the look you’re going for.


Most people relate the cornrows hairstyle to African culture , but importantly it was believe to be adored due to the fact that African made these hairstyle often during the slavery period .


– Symmetrical Rainbow

Symmetrical Rainbow Hairstyle

A defined middle part always makes a statement. And you can push that statement further with multicolored cornrows that are sectioned off horizontally instead of vertically. Trust us, the symmetry is stunning.

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– Tribal Accent

Ten interesting Cornrows Hairstyle you shouldn't miss rocking
Tribal Accent Hairstyle

Cornrows are from Africa, and so are cowrie shells. Combining them both together along with a few statement beads tells the world that you’re in touch with the motherland and proud. If the look isn’t eye-catching enough, you can always add a sky-high braided bun.



– Simple Elegance

Ten interesting corncrows hairstyle you shouldn't miss rocking
Simple Elegance Hairstyle


Sure, you can do a bunch of fancy designs with cornrows, but those simple straight-back plaits should not be slept on. Add in a few thick sections (and hair extensions if you wish), and you’re sure to steal the show. The simple style pairs extremely well with bold makeup (and door knocker earrings, in case you haven’t noticed).


– Half cornrow Crown

Ten interesting Cornrows Hairstyle you shouldn't miss rocking
Half Cornrows Hairstyle

Remember in the 90s and early 00s when it was popular to cornrow the front of your hair and leave the rest out in spiral curls? Well, the look is back, but the twist this time is to let your natural hair do its thing. After connecting your braids to create a crown, instead of tucking them away, you can leave them out for a beautiful contrast.

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– Shuruba/ Albaso

Ten interesting Cornrows Hairstyle you shouldn't miss rocking
Shuruba/ Albaso

Ethiopia and Eritrea are home to a gorgeous cornrow hairstyle known as a “Shuruba” or “Albaso.” With this style, the front half of the hair is cornrowed down like a crown while the rest of the hair is let down for a beautiful half-up-half-down hairdo. For special events, a headband can be added to enhance the look.



– Blue Bun

Ten interesting corncrows hairstyle you shouldn't miss rocking
Ten interesting corncrows hairstyle you shouldn’t miss rocking

An updo is a sophisticated hairstyle that pairs fantastically with cornrows. Most might opt for a low-placed bun, but if you really want to stand out, you can braid your hair into an elaborate top knot. And if you like the color blue, the style looks extra stunning.


– Pink Bob

Ten interesting corncrows hairstyle you shouldn't miss rocking
Pink Bob Hairstyle

Did you think it wasn’t possible to achieve a beautiful bob hairstyle with cornrows? Well, we’re happy to show you that you can with asymmetrical braided parts. Throw in some pastel pink extensions for an edgy yet soft look.

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– Alternating Braid

Alternating Braid Hairstyle

Model and actress Jourdan Dunn is no stranger when it comes down to experimenting with her hair, and of course, this includes cornrows. If you want to cop her style, you just need to add two mini cornrows in between the main ones and leave your baby hairs out sans gel.


–  Accent Cornrows

Ten interesting corncrows hairstyle you shouldn't miss rocking
Accent Cornrows Hairstyle

If a single cornrow part isn’t enough, you can always opt for two to create an accented hairstyle. Afro puffs definitely look dynamic when paired with these cornrows, especially if you add charms and other accessories to complete the look. We also love it when beads can be thrown in



–  Regal Red Puff

Ten interesting corncrows hairstyle you shouldn't miss rocking
Regal Red Puff

Okay, you caught us—we have a thing for puffs. But you can’t blame us when you see these rocking red cornrows support these Princess Jasmine-esque banded puffs. Add in some metallic thread and statement charms to your braids and you can be our queen anytime.

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