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The Seven C’s Of A Political Party – Workman International

The Seven C's Of A Political Party

A political party is simply a coven of people even by same inherent meaning or ideological covenant to lead,pursue or govern write saint innocent omnilumen of workman international

He averred that for a political party to live out it usefulness, she should build her probable existential with seven fundamental norms,customs or principles viz;

  1. Congregation– the power of becoming and doing together

2) Communication– the power of education,campaigns and information management

3) Customization.–The power of ideology and common purpose

4) Contribution–The power of leadership and governance

5) Considerable– The power of engagement,negotiations and appeal

6) Conspiracy –the power of participation, participant and prerogatives

7) Consignment–The power of keeping promises

The Seven C's Of A Political Party

It is worthwhile to deduced that strong democratic culture is better built in societies where there are purposeful po litical party management than social civilization where there are opaque political party management and administration.

Saint innocent retorted, If democracy must experience true salvation in a Nation, a political par ty must be born again.

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