The theft habit of custom officers and Ipokia youth in Ogun

ROMANCE BETWEEN A LION AND A HARE IN THE JUNGLE WHILE THE CHEETAH ACTS: Nigeria Customs Services (NCS), Ipokia Local Government Elders/Leaders and the Youths As A Case Study.


Ipokia is a Local Government area in the west of Ogun state, Nigeria bordering the Republic of Benin just like Badagry Local Government area of Lagos state, Nigeria bordering to Republic of Benin in Seme. Ipokia Local Government being a border community/town is blessed with great-minded personalities and individuals ready to take challenges in a calm, accommodating, serene and versatile environment.


Ipokia LG like any other communities bordering Nigeria to her neighbouring countries had been mapped out to be totally wiped out by the men of the Nigeria Customs Services that had left their constitutional duties to kill, harass innocent citizens and dwellers in the communities. Remember that the NIGERIA CUSTOMS SERVICE are not registered as a force or a paramilitary but an agency under the ministry of finance. Situation that surrounds activities of smugglers who are non indigenes nor citizens of the most peaceful local government in Nigeria warrants their stay there in.

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This is a local government whose inhabitants lacks basic social amenities such as motorable roads, portable water supplies, health facilities and electricity; in short they lack the dividends of democracy from both federal and state governments and had been tagged with the malicious name (SMUGGLERS). The citizens and dwellers of these communities are however farmers, artisans and petty traders while few are civil servants living lawfully and responsibly.


To further solidify this; it is necessary to trace back the smuggling activities in all Nigeria’s land border communities. Treading memory lane laced with some existing facts; in an article published by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) between June 2013 to May 2014 titled “Measuring informal cross-border trade in Nigeria.”Oron border in Akwa Ibom state bordering Nigeria to cameroun has a 80.0% land covering index while Idiroko border of Ipokia Local Government in Ogun state bordering Nigeria to Republic of Benin has a 22.0% land covering index, which means Idiroko border is not the largest in Nigeria.


In terms of trading (importing and exporting), Kamba in Kebbi state* bordering Nigeria to Niger generates a whopping sum of ₦289,592.32, Seme border in Lagos state bordering Nigeria to Republic of Benin generates ₦51, 871.99 while Idiroko border in Ipokia Local Government area of Ogun state* generates ₦38, 427.57 to the purse of the federal government in a year. This statistical analysis clearly shows that in terms of smuggling activities in each border community, Idiroko border conducts relatively low rate of smuggling compared to Kamba and Seme borders respectively.


The question is why is Idiroko border and her citizens always been treated as the highest perpetrators of smuggling in Nigeria?! Is it a crime to be from a border community/town?! This had been the questions on the lips of average indigenes and citizens of Ipokia local government and needs urgent answers.


Nigeria Customs Services officers domiciled in this local government had proven over years to be unprofessional and inhumane, they lack standard international border monitoring ethics and they carry out their evil, unguided and thuggish duties without fear because of the accommodating spirit of the dwellers and the corrupt acts of the executive arm of government who will do anything to protect the evil ways of the NCS.


Unfortunately, it’s sad and uncalled for to see the kind of elderly/leadership skills exhibited by the so called leaders right now in the local government which can never in any way be compared to what we usually have over the years from the likes of Chief Abioro, Chief Y.A.B. Olátúnjí e.t.c who had represented this local government with all the resources at their disposal in leadership, skills, businesses, politics and governance. What we have now is the opposite; I will like to term it I GO CHOP MY OWN BEFORE I DIE style of leaders/elders, and it further explain the ironic heading of this short epistle “A ROMANCE BETWEEN A LION AND A HARE WHILE THE CHEETAH ACTS”.


It is paramount to note that this futureless Old cargo Elders/Leaders as they suits to be characterized, had sold their future and are ready to sell it the more for a plate of porridge which IPOKIA LOCAL GOVERNMENT YOUTH POLICY FORUM stand against in all ramifications. As if the damages done by these set of people parading as leaders are not enough; despite the doggedness, alutaristic, comradic and ambitious filled dreams and visions of this vibrant and vicissitude youths to put-to-question and restore normalcy to the land by making sure all security operatives initiating this unconstitutional act are brought to book and to discharge their respective constitutional duties without harassing and maiming of innocent lives; these resourceful youths had been receiving backlashing by the so called elders/leaders in the LG by selling vital informations devised for progress by these youths to the security operatives because of token handed over to them but they have forgotten that they are trying to derail the future of our communities and LG which we the youth will not take lightly with them. Posterity would judge us all.


To this end, IPOKIA LOCAL GOVERNMENT YOUTH POLICY FORUM is not against any security operative from discharging their respective duties but must be done in accordance with international best practices.


We say NO TO ILLEGAL AND UNRECOGNISED CHECKPOINTS. We also stand against the illicit use of illiterates and thugs acquired by the NCS, NPF, NIS called CAMPBOYS or COWBOYS that causes mayhem at their will, all in the name of impersonating as security operatives.


We will not relent or retreat until sanity and justice is restored back to our lands.

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