Court use facts and evidences to justify not intimidation or threats. A lot of people cursed our names as undemocrat and unpatriotic just because we embrace Kano tribunal verdict but reverse is the case.


Abba and NNPP take the suit as joke from the beginning they don’t attend court sitting neither send representatives until when they realize that the suit is a serious challenge.

APC were given the chance to provide evidences to back their claims, and APC asked the court to grant them permission to recount all the votes of Kano 2023 Governorship election across the 44 local governments of Kano state including each party officials as representative, INEC officials and security officials as witnesses including Police, NSCDC officers and the DSS.

After completing the recount of votes of about 25 local governments, Kwankwaso ordered NNPP officials to stop attending that votes recount because he was briefed that huge number of invalid votes for NNPP were recovered.


APC continued the recounts of votes in the remaining LGs without NNPP officials but NNPP lawyers were present, INEC and Security officials were also present as witnesses till the end of the votes recount in all LGs.

Cumulatively APC found over 163,000 invalid votes of NNPP with no stamp or sign on it, APC brought the evidences to Tribunal court with witnesses, NNPP were also given the same chance to provide evidence but unfortunately they didn’t.


Instead of NNPP to focus on finding evidence they start threatening and intimidating the sitting judges who will preside in the case a week before the final judgement. If NNPP can’t provide evidence, What will you expect from the Tribunal judges?

No matter where Abba and NNPP will appeal to if they failed to provide evidence no court will rule on their favor.

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