Tion Wayne clears ‘£7000’ debt he owes Lani Good after six years

On Tuesday 30th November, British Nigerian Rapper, Tion Wayne cleared an outstanding unauthorized debt of £7000 that was under his ex-girlfriend’s name – Social Media Influencer and BkChat Star, Lani Good.


This incident occurred 6 years ago and Lani has used all effort both publicly and privately to resolve it. Lani created several videos on her YouTube page explaining what happened whilst Tion remained mostly quiet about it November 2021 when he replied to a TikTok video of her complaining that bailiffs were still sending notices to her for the debt.

Tion Wayne clears '£7000' debt he owes Lani Good after six years

After Tion Wayne finally addressed the issue, British Nigerian Rachel Haastrup – a victim of fraud herself – decided to start a petition on change.org calling for Tion Wayne to refund the money.

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Within 24 hours – 1,300 people had signed the petition .


The below email was sent to the co presidents of Atlantic Records requesting for them to gently advise Tion to pay the debt now that he had openly stated that he was collecting the rolex – admitting involvement.

Dear Ed Howard and Briony Turner,

I write this letter to you regarding the ongoing incident between your contracted Artist Tion Wayne and Social Media Influencer Lani Good. I have never met either of them directly however, I have been quietly following the social media drama between the two young adults. Based on what I have seen online this incident has remained unresolved for at least 6 years.


Lani Good has made a formal complaint via Action Fraud, claiming that Tion Wayne took out a loan in her name without permission for a Rolex. Since the event, she has been hounded by several different debt collection agencies who are attempting to recover the £8,000. Tion had not responded to the claims until yesterday 29th November 2021, where he – in his own words – told his followers that he received a Rolex from Lani (“she gave it to me” were his exact words). He also mentioned that she reached out to him when she was on the brink of suicide. Based on where things stand presently, Tion has made no attempts to bring her mental relief by returning the watch or selling it and giving her cash. When I look at this situation, I understand that at the time they were both much younger and may have not known how to resolve such an issue responsibly. We are aware of the recent success of Tion’s album and would therefore assume that he is in the financial position to take some financial responsibility – since he confirmed that he collected the watch from her and took no action to resolve her distress 6 years ago.


At the time of this letter, 935 people have signed the petition on Change.org, https://chng.it/nVZhBLQ9r8 calling for Tion to refund Lani the £8,000 + Damages.


The reason I decided to create a petition is to highlight the fact there are thousands of incidents where people are defrauded, left in emotional and financial distress. In most cases Action Fraud and the Police maintain they are powerless to enforce justice. As a victim myself of fraud, the only outlet available was social media. I’ve emailed my MP, The Home Office. I have a case with Action Fraud and several unresolved complaints with Police in the UK, Dubai, Honk Kong and Macau over my own situation. Unfortunately, the person who defrauded me is not morally accountable to anyone however, as Tion is a public facing representative of Atlantic Records, it would be in your moral interest to counsel Tion Wayne and help him understand how the lack of resolve of this incident, gaslighting and harassment from debt collectors has impacted Lani’s emotional wellbeing.

We also kindly ask you to review the guide to understanding the total impact of Fraud which is on the GOV.UK website. I have also added a link to the 48-page document on https://linktr.ee/bcmontherun as well as other related links.


We look forward to seeing a positive outcome in this matter.

A copy of this letter will be sent via recorded delivery for your attention.


Yours Sincerely,

@Benchizaontherun – Instagram and 935+petition supporters.


By 12:30 Tion created a video agreeing to clear the debt and before midnight, sent an email confirmation of the resolved debt.

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Lani Good has proceeded to thank everyone for supporting her on her Instagram page and released a statement – committing to help others in the fight against fraud.

Tion Wayne clears '£7000' debt he owes Lani Good after six years

Online reactions can be found on YouTube and twitter by searching “tion lani”.

Tion Wayne clears '£7000' debt he owes Lani Good after six years

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