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Tiwa Savage excited as Dollar rains from Salma Mumin

Tiwa Savage excited as Dollar rains from Salma Mumin
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With the power of money, Salma Mumin has given Tiwa Savage a good reason to change the lyrics of her popular song.


The Ghanaian actress was in Turkey where she met the Nigerian superstar singer in an Istanbul club. During Tiwa Savage’s performance, whilst singing her hit song ‘Somebody’s Son’, Salma walked to her and sprayed dollars on her.


In that moment, Tiwa Savage changed the lyrics of her song to happily sing that ‘somebody’s daughter will find me someday’ as the Ghanaian actress showered the money on her.

The video has been making rounds on social media as netizens have a lot to say about it. “he Dey sell her dress 450gh why won’t she spray dollars,” an Instagrammer @an_jhe_la wrote whilst @airquah__adepa said, “she won’t spray this on a Ghanaian artist da”.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaians have trolled Salma Mumin, accusing her of spraying 12 Dollars on Tiwa Savage at the Turkey show.


A user wrote, “1dollar times 12 = 12 dollars ok let’s convert it to cedis 73.54 ghc😂😂😂😂😂eno reach 100cedis tiwa savage sooooooorryy,” IG user amg_sterling”

Tiwa Savage excited as Dollar rains from Salma Mumin

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