Types of Bets on Hockey Competitions

Types of Bets on Hockey Competitions

As mentioned above, the list of hockey fights is poor compared to other sports. However, the limited selection of bets allows you to use successful strategies and win. We offer you to find out the main types of markets for hockey matches.



Outcome betting is the most popular market in ice hockey betting. Most bookmakers in the line offer to bet only on the winner of the match, but in some cases it is possible to bet on a draw in regular time. Consider the example of a match between the Washington Capitals and the Vegas Golden Knights. Pay attention to the image below: both bet options are present in the painting.

Types of Bets on Hockey Competitions

Total (TB/TM)

The total is the number of goals scored during a game. The standard total for a hockey game is 5.5. By betting on the total over 5.5, the player is sure that the two teams will differ by at least six goals scored (5.5<6). On the contrary, Under 5.5 means that the teams will not be able to overcome the mark of five abandoned goals (5.5>5).

As an example, consider the fight we already know. Bookmakers believe that in the Vegas Golden Knights match against the Washington Capitals, the probability of under 5.5 is higher compared to over. In the first case, the bookmaker offers users a coefficient of 1.95, and for a total over – 1.99.


Handicap (handicap)

Another interesting betting system is on the handicap of one of the teams. Handicap is a kind of virtual advantage, which is added to the final result at the end of the match. Bookmakers give negative handicaps for favorites, and positive ones for underdogs.

Take a look at the picture above. The away team looks an order of magnitude weaker than the home team, which is reflected in the quotes of the meeting – 1.5 (L1) against 4.5 (L2). The bookmaker Mostbet az mobile by default offers a handicap of 1.5 for this fight. If you choose a negative handicap for the first team, this means that it must win with a margin of at least two goals (2> 1.5). If the match score is 2:3, the bet is considered lost – 2:3(+1.5) = 2:4.5.

The same applies to the outsider of the meeting – Melbourne Ice. Taking a positive handicap of 1.5, this team starts the fight with a virtual advantage. The bet will win only if the SBR Brave does not score with two or more goals.


Double outcome

This betting format allows you to choose the winner in regular time, taking into account a draw: 1X means the first team wins or a draw, and X2 means the second team wins or a draw. Quotes, of course, are significantly lower compared to the net winnings of the club. As an alternative, you can try to play handicap 0: if the team wins, we make a profit, if there is a draw, we return.


Long term rates

Despite the high quotes for this direction, it is not in great demand among bettors. Long-term bets are placed at the start of the regular season or a specific tournament. The goal is to predict the winner of the competition.
For beginners, such tactics are clearly beyond the power, since the player must be a real hockey expert.
In addition, it is problematic even for a professional to predict a victor in such competitions as the NHL or the World Championship.


Live bets

Live betting on hockey, as already mentioned, is not particularly popular among players from the CIS countries due to the late time of NHL matches. But if you do not take into account overseas leagues, this betting format opens up new opportunities for users. All pre-match markets remain live, but at the same time new ones appear. For example, a player can bet on a participant who will record the next goal scored in his asset, or he can even choose the time period when this happens. Bets on the winner of the period are also widespread – in live, their patency is higher than before the match.

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