US Law can not protect Tinubu

If Biden can’t protect his own son and Trump can’t protect himself from prosecution, what make you Nigerians think Tinubu will be protected by US.

US is not Nigeria! Here in US every citizen pray not to be entangled with the law, that includes Presidents.


Now, Tinubu lawyers have bought him time for him Tinubu to escape US without incident, so they have achieved their goal.

If Tinubu results and transcript are released today, and things fishy were found, Tinubu as the president of Nigeria will be evacuated shamelessly and escorted by the law enforcement officers out of US, which will alert US and international media.

All media will carry the incident. He will not be arrested but evacuated which will be an international embarrassment to Nigeria and even US, since it happened in US soil.

So, I indulge everyone to stop casting stones. Justice will be served.


Already the fake Tinubu has already implicated himself by saying that severe irreparable damage will be done to his life if the transcript was to be released today.

By that statement alone, he has admitted in court that he committed an offense, forgery and possibly an identity fraud.


Tell me, what can possibly cause severe irreparable damage to a man’s life by releasing an ordinary transcript?
Transcript others freely make available to the public or employers.

In the other hand, His Excellency Atiku Abubakar won today, freedom and democracy won today

As today will be remembered as the day a sitting president told the world that his releasing his transcripts will cause a severe irreparable damage to his life. Imagine that!

Many years to come, he Atiku Abubakar will be remembered as one man that stood against tyranny to stop third term of a sitting president in Nigeria.

One man who lost everything to fighting to protect democracy, against all odds he stood alone fighting injustice.

Love him or hate him, he is a true democrat and defender of democracy.


Today, he fights for all while others watched

He has withstood every battle thrown to him, still smiling.

Generations to come, his name will be remembered no matter how adversaries will try to erase his accomplishments!

They will make songs with his name, children will dance to songs.

Three thousand years from today the name Atiku Abubakar will continue to echo in the chambers of Democratic halls in Nigeria and the world.

I am proud to associate my name with his.


He is the true Lion of Jada, Nigerians will never forget.

He is a true champion of democracy!

Until this case is over, history will continue to be made!

What a beautiful time to be alive!


I am High Chief Franklin Ekechukwu

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