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Uwazuruike the Sellout and Judas Iscariot – Evang Chinedu Obigwe

Uwazuruike the Sellout and Judas Iscariot - Evang Chinedu Obigwe
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Evang Chinedu Obigwe, National President of Igbo Youth For Positive Change, has described Ralph Uwazuruike as a “sellout and Judas Iscariot” who lacks moral


This is in response to a viral video he made castigating Gov. Willie Obiano for honouring the birthday of late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.


According to Mr Obigwe;

“Uwazuruike is a sellout and a Judas iscariot that lacks the moral justification to cast aspersion on Governor Obiano.


I watched a video were Uwazuruike was castigating Governor Obiano for honouring Zik with a public Holiday.


In the video, Uwazuruike was busy beating around the bush.


This is a man that worked for the demonic Andy Uba in the November 6th governorship election.

The truth is that Uwazuruike is not happy because Andy Uba that is his ATM machine lost the November 6th election in a shameful manner.


In Igbo land, Uwazuruike is seen as a sellout and a shameless Judas Iscariot but his role in the last election made me to believe that he is truly an evil man.


IPOB made a shocking revelation when politically motivated killing was going on in Anambra before the election.


A group that called themselves Biafra National Guard emerged from nowhere threatening to burn down Anambra State in a bid to frighten ndi Anambra and pave way for the rigging of the November 6th governorship election in favour of the demonic Andy Uba.


The Biafra National Guard amorphous group had a shoot out with security agents at idemili.


This group was later unmasked and according to IPOB intelligence arm units, they are working for Uwazuruike.


So how can a man that used the so called Biafra National Guard militants to be killing unarmed igbo’s in a bid to help Andy Uba that is his ATM machine to win the November 6th election claim that he has igbo’s interest at heart.


I see Uwazuruike as one of the haters of Igbo’s and as a self centred human being that can do anything because of money.

He is not in any position to talk about what is good for any Igbo man that is dead or alive.


In Anambra, Ojukwu was immortalised with the naming of Anambra State University after him, so I can say boldly that the celebration of Zik birthday with public holiday by Governor Obiano’s administration is a commendable initiative.


That initiative came up because Zik is an illustrious Son of ndi igbo that deserves such honour.


If Uwazuruike is not happy that Zik is being honoured in Anambra, he should go to hell and burn to ashes.


When Igbo’s interest is being discussed, Uwazuruike should stitch his mouth and act as a deaf and dumb person because he is a man that lacks character that cannot be trusted.


Leaders like Governor Obiano whose words are their bonds are in a better position to talk about what is good for Igbo’s.


The failure of Andy Uba in the November 6th governorship election has affected Uwazuruike brain hence the reason I will advise sane minds to ignore his foolish ranting.


Daalu nu.

Hey! If you are reading this, then you must have read what I published above. Whether you like it or not, is you feeling at the moment. Don't pass it at me. Jo! ma kora momi. A mo, you are free to express yourself by using the comment section below.