What you should know about DIPHTERIA summarized

What you should know about DIPHTERIA summarized

There has been a confirmed outbreak of the deadly Diphteria in Nigeria. Here is what you should know about DIPHTERIA summarized.


Diphtheria is a disease caused by a Bacteria called CORYNEBACTERIUM DIPHTHERIA

It is usually spread by contact with infected people, droplets in the air from coughing or sneezing, or infected objects

Some people can actually carry the bacteria without showing symptoms,


Some signs & symptoms
Usually starts about 2-10 days after infection;

Red eye
Sore throat
Swollen neck
Blood from Nose

It also produces toxins that can destroy the airways this can show as a greyish white patch in the throat.


The dangers of Diphtheria can extend to wide spread system if untreated

It produces some chemicals called TOXINS that can travel in the blood to other organs . It can cause airway obstruction.

It can cause Heart problems, Heart damages and even destroy some nerves in the Head

How to reduce risk

Parents should ensure their children get the vaccines, there are 3 doses as stipulated by our immunisation schedule.

People will suspected signs and symptoms should isolate and call the NCDC Toll number


The DPT vaccine has been incorporated as part of our routine pentavalent vaccine whicis is part of our immunization schedule.

The D meaning Diphteria.

The other P – Pertussis and T- Tetanus

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