What’s your take on Artiste who repeats same Lyrics on different songs?

What’s your take on Artiste who repeats same Lyrics on different songs?

Ji Masun!
Codeine Diet!


These are some of the major words that forms most of the top lyrical songs currently in Nigeria. One would wonder if there are less words or no better words to use.

Since the new generation learn and grasp this things so fast one would also wonder it’s impact in them. But words is not my focus today ‘cos that already seems like a fight that can’t be won today, I mean of recent I watched my girlfriend Tiwa Savage performing her Codeine Diet song on stage with so much happiness expressed through  Shakushaku display.
I threw out this question on Whatsapp and top and fast rising celebrities pounced on it. Celebrities like Temi Badmus, VDj Brytos, Legely the Golden Son.

While Temi says,  “I think they ain’t shape… Not motivated by stronger force of composing and DJ Brytos saying,  “Its due to laziness Or rather, the artist is trying to drive home something, something so severe they are not going to let you finish the song without noticing it, or something important to them, or something to force you to think.” Lagos “Ijo Eko” coroner, Largely has an epic defence on the matter.
Legely, starts by educating us.
“Music is a language. Musician are not a computer and every lyrics drop by an artiste is his own and he can use it more than any time he want.

Repeating lyrics for artiste is a promotion for his or her fan to keep updated – Legely.


Legely opens our mind to a new secret that artiste don’t repeat lyrics or words in their own songs (different) but collaborations, though I am really observing with disagreement – yet open minded.
“Go and study, all artistes repeat lyrics in featuring not on there own main new songs.”

He continues, “Do you know that if you keep hearing one world from someone you love. Even if the person is not with you. You remember even when you sat alone.”

There is this new featuring I did with Danny X, I repeated a word there a lot –

“Jen gbadun loma gbadun , kojen gbadun oni gbadun …..

“All Na promotion cos the song wasn’t my own song, artiste featuring no easy,” he concluded.


“At this point I rest my case.
 No! I believe there should always be a muse to every song, both personal or collaboration that will trigger new lyrics.
Just empty your mind.
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