Before Accepting A Guy’s Proposal, Get These Answers

Before Accepting A Guy’s Proposal, Every Lady Should Ensure These Questions are Duly Answered.


The simple fact that you are treated as a queen by your man does not define the peak of your relationship with him and may not automatically translate into a happy home when you eventually get married.


There are certain things you need to get right as a lady during your courting period. Guys have a way of getting what they want especially during the relationship and once this is done, the rest may not be given a due consideration.

Before Accepting A Guy's Proposal, Get These Answers
Before Accepting A Guy’s Proposal

Some guys don’t even know what it entails to make a proposal before embarking on it. They don’t what next after it has been made. They do it because others do it. This mistakes have turned many ladies to lords of the rings. Years after proposal is made, they still move around with proposal ring without hope of marriage.


Before you accept a proposal from a guy, ask him when will he be ready for marriage.

Ordinarily, proposal should be made when a guy is ready for the real deal. After a proposal is made, introduction should be organized within a space of three months. This days, many people have bastardized the concept of proposal.

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Another key question that needs to be answered by your man before saying yes to his proposal is his philosophy about life and marriage.

Not all guys who are ready for marriage truly understand the concept of marriage. There is a need to carry out some personal analysis about him before taking a final decision. Is he opened to correction, new ideas, criticisms and challenges? Is he the kind of man that can take an independent decision without consulting his family?


Finally, you need to settle on number of children irrespective of gender before accepting a marriage proposal from a man.

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Some men are so myopic and parochial that they will not stop having children until they have a male child. Along the line, they get older and the love get diminished. To avoid this situation, ensure you come to term on when he is ready for marriage so you will not have to waste your time on frivolity.

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