Why I am opening an OnlyFans page – Tonto Dikeh

Restless Actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed why she wants to start an OnlyFans page.


On her Instagram story on Monday, she wrote: “I have decided to get an OnlyFanspage, I wanna shake this bum bum my doctor gave me that don’t shake for you all”.


She further noted that she would be blocking her pastor to shake her cosmetic enhanced buttocks on the OnlyFans page for followers.

Why I am opening an OnlyFans page - Tonto Dikeh
Why I am opening an OnlyFans page – Tonto Dikeh

OnlyFans is a subscription-based website used by content creators to serve exclusive content to their fans.


OnlyFans became famous for its adult contents, which became prominent during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when many countries went into lockdown.


Recently, a 19-year-old content creator revealed that she made over $52 million from her content on the site.


Earlier, Tonto Dikeh asked for divine intervention to ignore issues unconnected to her.


King Tonto, in a recent post, prayed to God to help her make progress in her business daily so she never has time to tend another individual’s.


Still seeking divine providence, Dikeh beseeched God to make her a judge only to herself and all that concerns her but never to others or their circumstances.


“Dear Lord, help me to continually stay away from other people’s issues, give me more progress with my business growing each day to ignore another man’s sins.


“May I only judge me and concern myself with only thing that’s mine! May the downfall of anyone not be my glory!! AMEN,” she prayed.

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