Why Blac Chyna Is Leaving OnlyFans

Blac Chyna is calling it quits on OnlyFans after shaking things up as one of the initial celebrities on the platform.

While appearing on The Jason Lee Show, the entrepreneur — who brought in a whopping $240 million on the app in 2021, Statista reported — shared that she decided to delete her account, calling it a “dead-end” side hustle.


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“I don’t do OnlyFans anymore — I don’t do it anymore at all,” she said, the New York Post reported. “I’m just changing everything about me. It’s a dead end. All that stuff is a dead end, and I know that I’m worth way more than that.”

“I feel like I have other things — bigger fish to fry,” Chyna, who recently acted in BET+’s The Black Hamptons, said.

Why Blac Chyna Is Leaving OnlyFans

Another motivator to leave the NSFW content provider was her children — 10-year-old son King Cairo, who she shares with Tyga, and 6-year-old daughter Dream, who she shares with Rob Kardashian. She expressed being aware that being a prominent figure on the platform may send the wrong message.

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“At a certain age, they see and gravitate to everything,” she said.


Chyna also noted that her legal troubles pushed her to delete her account.

“And then, at the time, I had so many lawsuits … it was like ‘woah,’” she added. “But, I’m good.”

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But the former video vixen made it clear that her decisions do not mean she looks down on those who make a living on OnlyFans.

“Shout out to the people that do still have their OnlyFans and stuff like that,” she said, urging OF content creators to “get your money” and “don’t let the money make you.”


Chyna also spilled the tea on her headline-making legal battle with the Kardashians, which saw her claim the famous family barred her from making more than $60 million in earnings. Though a judge ruled in the Kardashians’ favor, the 34-year-old has no regrets.

“Thank God that I did [sue the Kardashians] … regardless [of the outcome],” she raved. [I’m most proud that] I stood up for myself because there were layers to it.”

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Lee asked if she craved an apology from Kris Jenner, and Chyna shared she was ready to move forward.

“I don’t even want it,” she said. “Unless it comes with a Ferrari. Then, I’ll take it.”

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