Why I can’t appear in many movies — Adunni Ade

Why I can’t appear in many movies — Adunni Ade

Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade, has explained why she hardly features in most movies that many expected her to showcase her craft, saying not all movies are meant for her kind of person.


Adunni Ade, while responding to questions about her less appearance in movies, said it was not out of place for her to appear less frequently in movies, stressing that making movies or appearing in many movies don’t guarantee success.


According to her, she chooses her script carefully before accepting to jump into any role, saying she has played various roles over the years and is currently in search of another role that will not only inspire her career but challenge her.


Asked which kind of role she is looking forward to playing, Adunni Ade said she would like to play an Angelina Jolie role, an action movie that will take her movie career to new heights and bring her into a different world of acting.


Speaking further about what has worked for her brand over the years despite few appearances; Adunni Ade maintained that she has come to understand that not every movie or character is meant for her.


“I am very confident of my craft and I am certain that what is mine will never pass me by. I am a very focused person when it comes to my craft. If there is one thing that has worked for me, I would say it is my determination and drive to stay where I want to attract what I want.


I don’t think I am where I want to be but I am grateful and remain focused on the bigger picture,” she added.

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