Why the World Map makes Africa small

Why the World Map makes Africa small

The map of the world makes Africa smaller and it’s because of racism. The westerners have made other countries look way bigger than Africa on the map and this is not a common knowledge.
It’s not a common knowledge because when they teach about the map in schools, the students are taught that Africa is bigger than it is shown there and other countries are made to seem bigger than they really are.


Africa’s total land area is approximately 11,724,000 square miles (30,365,000 square km) while the total area of Greenland is 2,166,086 km2 but on the map Greenland is shown bigger than Africa.

Canada’s total land area is 9,984,670 km2 (3,855,100 sq mi) while that of Africa is 11,724,000 square miles (30,365,000 square km) but Canada is still shown to be bigger on the map of the world.

Sweden’s total land area stands at 450,295 km2 (173,860 sq mi), while that of Africa stands at 11,724,000 square miles (30,365,000 square km), but as you can see on the map it is bigger than Africa.

Why the World Map makes Africa small

So why is Africa represented smaller  on the map while many smaller countries get a bigger representation?


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