Simi: Why you don’t need Social Media to love yourself

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Simi has taken to social media to educates young Nigerian girls seeking validation about about self-love.


The Wife of Adekunle Gold and mother to lovely Deja advises young and growing female Nigerians on how to learn to love themselves without having to seek validation from others.

Simi: Why you don't need Social Media to love yourself
Simi: Why you don’t need Social Media to love yourself

She stated that self love is very important and in the is errand where social pressure is a thing and people are always in need of validation from other people, she mentioned that seeking validation from others will only lead to downhill as you don’t know others to inform you that you are more than enough for yourself .



She said –

“Females should to learn to love themselves as they are adding they are enough. She also talked about the pressure from social media, revealing that when girls start to seek validation from it, it only goes downhill. She also encourages girls to work harder to build their self esteem. In her own words; ”Yo Love yourself as you are!! It’s great to do things for yourself that you want..


“But the moment you become consumed with looking or presenting yourself a certain way, so people that honestly truly don’t care about you on social media can tell you’re popping.


“It’s only downhill from there. Because you’ll keep on giving up parts of your true self until there’s nothing left, it’s human nature.



“Please, I beg you. Let the most vulnerable version of you be enough. Love Yourself because you’re enough. You will always be enough. Nothing wrong with doing something that makes you happy; just make sure it’s your approval you care about- not random people’s.


I am actually super concerned that young girls will have to work harder for healthy self-esteem. Because they’ll be trying to live up to a standard that does not exist.” She added.

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