Why you should try Booty Shorts

Hotpants or booty shorts remain a popular costume for cheerleaders and dancers, particularly hip hop performers, and are frequently worn by backup dancers. But wearing it to the gym look awkward or sexual.

Booty shorts are designed to accentuate your bottom and stellar thighs, making them a perfect standalone option. You can wear them out as you run all of your errands and know you are turning heads everywhere you go.


A TALL gymgoer has shared her best advice for dressing confidently at five-foot-10.

She encouraged other women to wear booty shorts and stop criticizing their bodies.

“Things I learned weight lifting as a tall girl,” read the text over the screen.


First, she mentioned customizing each workout to suit personal needs.

“Certain exercise variations will not suit your anatomy,” she said. “Such as high bar squats.”

Why you should try Booty Shorts

She also shared a message of body positivity while on a fitness journey.

“Comparing your body to shorter women is silly,” she said. “We are built differently.”


She also shared some style tips for tall gym girls.

“We are meant to wear more,” she said. “Wear the booty shorts.”


She added that all clothes tend to run a bit shorter on taller women.

“The leggings will not reach your ankles anyway,” she added.

Why you should try Booty Shorts

She declared her social media account a safe space for tall ladies.

“Follow for more tall girl gym content,” she added in the caption.


The video struck a chord with viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“The leggings comment for real,” one wrote. “I’m five-foot-10 , too. I feel you.”

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