Woman dumps drunk husband in mortuary

Woman dumps drunk husband in mortuary

”When a woman wants to teach you a lesson, even Satan sits down to take notes. My neighbor was a big drunk. His wife used to pick him up in bars and in trenches. Her family friends advised her to leave him but she was hopeful that she’ll find a solution one day.


”One Saturday, she went to pick him again, he was completely drunk. Instead of taking him home, she headed straight to the mortuary. She negotiated with the mortuary attendants to make him lie with the corpses so that when he wakes up, they can teach him a lesson or two. She then went back home.

”When he woke up, he started screaming when he found himself sleeping in the middle of dead bodies. He started screaming and calling for help pleading that he’s not dead. The mortuary attendants came laughing and told him that they are used to corpses being brought to the morgue and start practicing witchcraft. They told him to lie down and that he was dead and whatever he was seeing was not in real life but in the other end of living dead.


”He continued screaming and the morgue attendants came with an axe and hammer and told him that stubborn corpses are beaten and hacked until they become cooperative. He was told to lie and wait for his postmortem later that day since his cause of death hadn’t been established.

”He stayed there frightened in the middle of corpses the whole of that day and Sunday night. On Monday morning they released him and told him to go home, say bye bye to his family and then come back to the morgue for preservation since he was now a mere spirit.

Woman dumps drunk husband in mortuary
Woman dumps drunk husband in mortuary

”He ran home on foot, straight to the mirror to check if he was seeing himself. His wife pretended not to see him which made him even more worried. He went to the bathroom took a shower, dressed up and carried a Bible. That’s when his wife told him that it was a Monday morning and not Sunday.

Several months later he’s yet to reveal what happened to him; and where he was the two nights he wasn’t at home. He stopped taking alcohol completely, not even Sodas, just Milk and Water. He goes to Church religiously now.”

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