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Gbetu Face of February: New Age Nigerian Photographer Alfred O Akinmade(Interview)

Photography, fashion and modeling, are the most trending business and hobby in entertainment industries around the world. The rate at which people venture it is high therefore a crucial topic to discuss.

We all know other departments or industries like the movie and music industry, within the entertainment industry and those outside it, one way or the other depend on the fashion industry for better production.

On this episode, I will be discussing pictures with Alfred Akinmade, a fast rising photographer with strong passion for photography.

Akinmade thinks Nigeria needs emulate the USA in order to boast the Nigeria Modeling Industry. Read our conversation.

Uncle Fadaka: What's photography to you?

Akinmade: Models , story telling, I don't really know the name or how to put it, photography is a way one can express ones feelings, in different ways, you can view it or see it or let me personalize it, it is the way I see life. I try telling stories using in my day today activities, through pictures.

Uncle Fadaka: What is the first thing you do before taking shots of a person or thing?

Akinmade: I try to observe my environment first and pray to Almighty GOD in my to guide and inspire me on what kind of shoot I need achieve at that moment in time.

Uncle Fadaka: What's your favourite site for shoot?
Akinmade: Water front and village settings.

Uncle Fadaka: What kind of object do you look out for?

Akinmade: Natural things.

Uncle Fadaka: Like living and non living thing?
Akinmade: Both

Uncle Fadaka: How long have you have you been a photo artist and what drives this passion?

Akinmade: For 3year now. Was motivated by great works of different people that have been in the game before me, such as Akinyele Ogidiolu, Abinibi , T Y Bello and Kelechi Amadi obi and later grew passion for it.

Uncle Fadaka: Is photography a lucrative job and to you is it a hobby or a profession?

Akinmade: Yea! It's a lucrative job. But I take it as some thing that I love and have passion for. Also praying 2 GOD almighty that my passion for photography would make big pays for me.

Uncle Fadaka: Your signature name, Alfred O Akinmade Photography, how did you come about it?

Akinmade: They are the combinations of all my names. The "O" stands for Oluwatobiloba.

Uncle Fadaka: What's your specialty in photography?

Akinmade Ytech: Nature and modelling photography

Uncle Fadaka: Do you think Nigeria Modeling Industry is trying?

Akinmade: Hnmm ...that's  a big question. Hopefully, yes! But we need to meet certain standards.

Uncle Fadaka: Is there a country we should emulate?

Akinmade: Yea! USA.

Uncle Fadaka: What's your full name and where are u from?

Akinmade: I am Adedamola Oluwatobiloba Alfred Akinmade

Uncle Fadaka: What state?

Akinmade Ytech: Ondo state.

And that's a rap. I hope you got a thing or two. I advise those concerned - models, photographers, artistes, movie makers and so on, to take advantage of him. There are many but few can.
See more of his work below.

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