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Trey Songz shows support for black with Bible and Shackles.

Trey Songz on Wednesday, September 28th, shows support for black through Nate Parker's ACQUITTAL which have been held down for a while.

In a photo, Songz poses with and American flag behind him and a Bible and Shackles in front of him on a table, while Parker stood beside him.

See what he says.

This flag behind us means many things. The shackles before us, the same. I'm very proud to be American, while there are many things wrong with my country that shame myself and my people as well as many minorities, I love my country! Our history as black people has tried to be erased by those who thought of us as less than human, @origi_nate has brought an American story to life that I am very proud of. Congratulations brother, they tried to slight you in so many ways and you rose above. So many films and only now do they bring up your ACQUITTAL!!! Shine in Gods light #TheBirthOfANation #NateParker #NatTurner #Virginia #BlackLivesMatter #1831 #2016.

This segregation must stop! Should all black take side?

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