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How Mr GAP Finished My Wedding!

I had gotten everything for my wedding ready, my wife to be was excited, so happy, everything was on point, my in laws were looking so radiant and impressive. As a big bobo, three cows were already down and my friends slaughtered it with their "white-agbada" still on, money wasn't the problem. 

The evening before, Friday, my mother-in-law called me saying my woman is feeling feverish, I had to rush with two of my besties, Vitalis Ezeiruaku and Oluwatobiloba Sax! Gosh! I keep substituting his surname for 'Sax' 'cos he plays well. When we got there, I held her hands, I was a bit warm, I didn't want to take chances, so we rushed her to my friends hospital. She was better before 11pm, she slept like a baby on my laps. Gosh! I love her so much! 

I have never been a good FAM of 11pm since then! Few hours to my wedding, I haven't slept, that was when (name withheld) the contracted company decided to call, saying they can make it. That they will return my money with compensation. "What are you talking about?" I asked, "Why now"? I-dont-Want-the-Money! Where do I start from. 

O! Bless Moka Foam for being by my side, I sat on slump motion. You can imagine my confusion - 2am! I need solution. Sometimes with all the money, there are things that still makes God a God. 

Simion Torigbe came in so late, that I didn't notice him, he was suppose to help drive me and my boys. He heard the situation and said something I hate during emergence, "That one nah small thing nah". I almost smacked him, but some how I listened - I was desperate for solution.

He started talking about one Production, GAP, then GA Productions, and how they have saved him and two of his friends on situations like this. 

"Can you and Mr GAP solve this?" I asked. "Yes" he said. "How many hours do you need?" They will be here before 5am once payment is done and clear details and location is given. We steered at him like owls. OK I said - 4pm.

Sleep was out of the list.  I took a little nap that almost cost me a lot, Shout out to my besties, they where gallant. My head got clear, and the first thing on my lips was hall, hall, hall! Phone! Phone!! Phone!!! Yes! Its ringing. "Good Morning boss"! Simi, how nah? Sup with your GA Production people? "We are ready and set, you can come see for your self". Another confusion. Ready keh! This guy done dupe me. I ran to the first venue...oookKK! And they second. No dupe, but dope work. It was a Finished Wedding! Waow!  Mr GAP finished my wedding. All through the event, sound, light, tents, everything technical was on point. 

Thank you!

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