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Reason Why Blacks Should Avoid Spray Tanning.

Spray Tanning, otherwise known as Sunless Tanning and other names applicable is now trending among women, for white women it is the staining or beautification of skin but for blacks, it is the destruction.

Wikipedia calls it the "application of chemicals to the skin to produce an effect similar  to a suntan."
Though it is known as a sun protection factor (SPF) but the side effect, especially on black skin is heavy.
Here are reasons why blacks should flee from Spray Tan.

1. Spray Tanning, while protecting you against direct sun light, decreases vitamin D synthetic capacity by 95 per cent in the body.

2. You are Blacked skin, you don't need to spray  tan, if you need tone up, use the right cream like "cocoa butter" or "Dudu Osun" or just sleep on Versline

3. To apply Spray Tan perfectly, you need "shave", this is ment to expose new skin cells on your body,therefore reducing your body defense, especially against the sun and bad air. This can also cause serious redness and discomfort.

4. All Spray Tans come with alcohol, in fact it is a bad product if it doesn't come with alcohol but one thing most people don't know is that alcohol is a real damager of skin. Continuous application of alcohol to the body will cause a crackling effect of skin colour and also make your skin look crazy-dry. Do you really need a photo of a black  skin?

5. Spray Tan is bad for your lungs, inhaling it gives your lung more work than tear gas. Always request or use protective nose pieces and eyewear when around it.

6. Spray Tan does not stop you from getting old rather if quickens you looking old (addictive). 

Now I know you want to look like a goddess, rock that bronze body around. Why not use something more natural. Cancer is still a fearful disease you know...

Love you loads.

Uncle Fadaka
I'm Done.

(Reasons Why You Should Avoid Spray Tanning)


  1. I hope our women read and understand this.

  2. Especially against the sun and bad air. This can also cause serious redness and discomfort.Tanning


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