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Unilorin scraps Cumpolsory distribution of Andriod Tablets #IStandwithReedof

The Student Union of "Better by far University", Unilorin, on Wednesday, 11th November, wins total scrapping of compulsory distribution of android tablets to freshers.

This was achieved weeks after the 2017/18 Student Union President, Ridwanulahi Adebisi  Abimbola, popularly known as "Reedof" started a peaceful campaign against it. 

The campaign which lead to a popular hash tag #IStandwithReedof is as a result of fresh student forfieting their admission into the university because of no extra money to pay for the compulsory Tab.

An anonymous student thinks this is the best decision ever taken by any president.  

I am sure he felt the pain of those student who had to defer their admission due to the fact that they couldn't pay for the tablet, this is one of the most interesting step he has taken.
 I stand with the one who makes the right decision.
I stand with reedof. 

When ask about this achievement, Hon. Ridwanulahi says, "It is 90% done now,that the incoming fresh students will not be collecting PC tablet. Pc tablet is about to be scraped bcos it's not serving it's purpose, the SU in conjunction with the senates decides".

Then another student says the bandwidth should be scrapped as wel due to vatrious reasons. 

"If PC tablet is being scrapped, then the bandwidth should be scrapped too. Will the school authority consider the number of unilorites who are using browsing phones, the one who are staying in school?  If we are to consider how many people uses the Wi-Fi which is being produced by the school then we will realize there is a need for them to either reduce the price or scrap it out".

"Some faculty issues password which makes it difficult for most student to have access to the Wi-Fi which has being paid for by them.  I hope this issues is also being addressed as our able student union president stand in for the student at large... I stand with reedof"

Distribution of tablets is being scrapped by Su president today

The SU of University of Ilorin, Adebisi Ridwanulahi Abimbola, a 400 level student of the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology. He hail from Osun State, a family of 6, 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

He is a big enthusiast of Student Welferism.


  1. Great content here, i think its high time students start risking things for the right course.

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  2. It's a great way to encourage students who are busy worrying about there assests to focus their studies. It's really one of the greatest steps!


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